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Nordic Business Forum Live Stream Event 20.-21.9.2022 at Technopolis campuses

Future-Focused Leadership with Yuval Noah Harari, Amy Edmondson and Rutger Bregman streamed live to Technopolis campuses in Espoo and Tampere.

The first speakers are already confirmed. More top experts to be published soon! See the agenda.

Watch the recording of an inspiring Technopolis Workplace Talks virtual event

The workplace powering human performance

The loss of cohesion and deep connection to others felt by many remote workers has turned our attention to the meaning of office. Many find that being away from a shared space takes not only a toll on wellbeing, but also on creativity and innovation.

In this talk, cognitive neuroscientist Katri Saarikivi from the University of Helsinki dives into  the neuroscience of how spaces influence human cognition and emotion. The talk took place in Technopolis Workplace Talks online event on 21st April, 2021.

If these questions seem relevant to you, we highly recommend watching the recording:

  • How can spaces influence our concentration, memory, creativity and collaboration?
  • What is the point of having an office today?  
  • If office spaces were designed to support our brains at work, what would they look like?


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