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Selection of the best moments of 2020

We selected the best moments of this interesting year. Choose your favourite episode, put your headphones on and enjoy!

Technopolis Workplace Talks 2020

Technopolis Workplace Talks, october 2020: Reboot your workplace

Experienced workspace experts Antti Pitkänen (Agile Work) and Tiia Rauhamäki (Technopolis) lead the discussion on rebooting workplaces to meet the new requirements of working life. The discussion took place in our first ever Technopolis Workplace Talks webinar on 20th October.

Technopolis Workplace Talks feat. F-Secure: Let's make work a better place

To provide insights on how to strike a balance between the changing working environment, business and cyber security needs, we organized a virtual event with world-class speakers:

Risto Siilasmaa, Chairman and Founder of F-Secure
Mikko Hyppönen, Global cyber security expert and Chief Research Officer at F-Secure
Lina Maskoliūnė, Business Unit Director, Technopolis Lithuania.

Technopolis Wellness Talks 2020

Technopolis Wellness Talks, may 2020: How to improve company culture and environment of wellbeing in challenging times?

Working remotely can be a new experience for many of us. We are social creatures. Is remote work the new normal?

Juha Äkras, researcher and Chairman of Hintsa Performance, and Tiia Rauhamäki, Workplace Transformation Specialist of Technopolis talked about culture and environment.

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Technopolis wellness talks, september 2020

Boosting resilience through body and mind – learnings from Formula 1

Many of us probably hoped this autumn would be a return to “normal”. The pandemic, however, continues to keep a strong hold of the world, creating an ongoing sense of uncertainty. Hence, our mental resilience is put to the test. Pete McKnight, Sports coaching Director at Hintsa Performance and performance coach for Olympic athletes and racing drivers, shares how he helps athletes build mental resilience and cope with uncertainty.

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Technopolis wellness talks, october 2020

How to recover optimally and build mental resilience – even when you’re busy

Annastiina Hintsa, CEO of Hintsa Performance, talks about the art and science of sleep and recovery, and why it’s so important in the midst of the crisis.

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Technopolis wellness talks, march 2020

How to improve your cognitive performance and work smarter, not harder

World-renowned Performance Scientist James Hewitt talks about:

• The science of performance and why it matters

• What impacts our cognitive performance – and what doesn’t

• The simple techniques we can do today to keep our minds sharp.

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