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Technopolis Workplace Talks: Think big! Customer experience in the digital era

Belinda Gerdt has built a successful international career in some of the world’s leading technology companies like Microsoft, Amazon and currently Philips. She is a thought-provoking speaker who presents international real-life examples stemming from her long career and the research for her writing.

From her positions in top tech companies, Belinda has observed digital transformation across many industries, allowing her to follow the latest tech trends and innovations and the role they play in the development of customer experience and the future of work. Belinda has also led digital transformation processes in her own fields of sales, marketing and customer experience.

The talk took place in Technopolis Workplace Talks hybrid event on 6th October, 2021.

If these questions seem relevant to you, we highly recommend watching the recording:

  • How digital transformation challenges the way we work?
  • Why you should rethink your customer and employee experience strategy?  
  • How to thrive in global competition and to find new business opportunities and talent?

Think big! Customer experience in the digital era