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M-Files: new office space adapts to the changing working needs

M-Files is a Finnish based company with an intelligent information management platform, storing your company information while keeping all the data secured and controlled. As they grew, more space was needed. Read how the new office was renovated to meet the employee’s needs.

  • Challenge

    M-Files, a Finnish based company with an intelligent information management platform, is growing fast, and thus needed more space. Their wish was to find a new space in the same location with functional premises and open workspace.

  • Solution

    Technopolis found a new office space for M-Files in the same building, on another floor. The new office was fully renovated and customized to meet the employee’s needs.

M-Files is a growing company and we have been Technopolis’ customer for around ten years. We have a very nice cooperation and have developed a smooth mutual understanding over the years”, says Office Specialist Tiina Kirkkomäki.

The new office was created by listening to the employees

M-Files have their headquarters in Tampere and in 2019 the growing company noticed a significant need for more space. As the number of personnel increased, more space was sought from the same Technopolis building. The new office was completely customized to meet the needs of M-Files employees.

“We already had floors 1, 2 ,4 and 5, so we thought to expand the office space to the third floor. Before the renovation, we conducted surveys to gather information on what our employees want from their new office. We renovated the whole floor, knocked down walls and brought sound-proof glass walls to separate the space”, Tiina Kirkkomäki continues.

Tiina Kirkkomäki, M-files

Technopolis exceeded all expectations with their excellent customer understanding

According to Kirkkomäki, the renovation was carried out in cooperation with Technopolis Concept Manager and Interior Designer. The whole project went smoothly guided by the wishes of the employees for the new office.

Technopolis was very excited to start the renovation and they found the best possible contractor for us. Every time we needed to change plans, it was made easily and fast. In the new office employees can choose where they want to work. For example, we have silent areas, sound-proof office spaces and meeting rooms for social working”, Kirkkomäki says.

Hybrid working model will be the new normal of the future, so an open plan office with different workspaces is a long-term option. M-Files is grateful for the smooth cooperation that met all the wishes of the company.

I would recommend Technopolis as their office spaces are adaptable and they can make changes easily if needed. Cooperation has been smooth, and I like their can-do attitude. For us, it is important that our employees can now work where they feel most productive. In the future, we aim to increase social and meeting areas in our offices”, Kirkkomäki sums up.

M-Files' new office was completely customized to meet the needs of their employees