10 tips for energy efficiency in your office space

You can influence your own and the building's energy consumption by paying attention to the activities in your office space.

The top 4 things that affect tenants' energy consumption are:

  • Lightning
  • Heating hot water
  • Heating premises, especially in winter
  • Electric appliances

Here are 10 (simple) tips for energy efficiency at your office:

  1. Turn off the lights when leaving a room, even when you are just going to get coffee.
  2. Only wash full dishwasher loads and try to avoid washing individual dishes under running water.
  3. If possible, prefer walking, cycling or using public transport. If you drive, drive economically.
  4. Warm up your vehicle in our parking garages only for as long as necessary before using the vehicle. Charge electric cars with an EV charger only the time needed.
  5. Turn off your computer, display, printer and other office appliances when they are not in use and if possible, also unplug them. You can also invest in an advanced power strip to turn off electronics all the way for you.
  6. Make sure your electronics are energy efficient.
  7. If you use showers at the campus, take shorter showers to reduce your water consumption and heating energy.
  8. If you notice that your office temperature is too high in the winter or too low in the summer, make a service request to adjust the temperature to save energy. If you can modify the temperature of your office space yourself, please set the temperature to 20 degrees during winter.
  9. If you notice any water etc. leakage in appliances, do a service request immediately.
  10. Encourage your colleagues to also take action to boost energy-saving measures through their own actions.