We are serious about sustainability. Using space efficiently is a core part of the Technopolis philosophy, and we are committed to establishing future workplaces as flexible and green environments.

What does sustainability mean to us?

Sustainability stands for fewer square meters, smart and safe office planning, and more shared services. Starting with the construction of our buildings, Technopolis premises are designed to utilize space in the most efficient and comfortable way possible.

Modern workspaces that are designed to meet the real needs of employees are more compact and ecological than traditional offices. On top of that, we believe that offering shared spaces and services is another great way to minimize our environmental footprint and support active communities.

Business means the world to us, but the traditional ways to do business are outdated and the environment is now everybody’s business. The modern way of doing business has to be sustainable.

There are many things Technopolis is doing to make the planet a better place to live and work in. The foundation for our sustainability is to enable our customers to be sustainable. When our customers choose Technopolis, they know that they are making a sustainable choice. This is a constant work in progress, and we will continue to find new ways to improve the wellbeing of people and minimize our environmental footprint.

3 kgCO2 / gross m2 Carbon footprint

Scope 1 and 2 (energy)

100%Carbon-neutral electricity
164kWh / gross m2 Energy consumption

Total energy intensity

86%Environmental certification rate

Calculated as a percentage of gross building area and excludes parking structures

4,2/5Customer satisfaction

Technopolis ESG ReportSustainability as a top priority

We integrate sustainability into every aspect of our business, focusing on environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters of importance to our stakeholders. In 2023 we made significant progress in many areas of our sustainability work, and we are pleased to introduce our ESG report on our sustainability efforts. The report is in English.

We hope you will enjoy reading the report and that it will inspire you to join us in the effort to mitigate our impact on climate change.

“Businesses need to do their share to tackle climate change. The real estate sector is currently responsible for one third of total carbon dioxide emissions, so we think going carbon neutral is a must in our industry. Real estate players need to commit to concrete action and start leveraging new innovations to reach this goal.”

Johanna Kivelä, Sustainability Manager at Technopolis

Focus areas

For us, sustainability is a day-to-day activity reflected in eco-efficient premises, motivated employees, services that support customer success, and a sense of community.

It’s important that our office spaces are eco-efficient, so they further appeal to our customers, while we also want to be resilient towards the regulatory, operational, and physical implications of climate change.

Customer companies are in a better position to succeed and retain talent by having access to spaces and services that support employee productivity, wellbeing, and enjoyment. This is something we support by offering functional and communal work environments that include a range of services.

Our aim is to enable our customers to be sustainable. We integrate sustainability into every aspect of our business, and we have three primary focus areas that guide our actions: environmental, social and governance.

  • Environment

    Sustainable efficiency

    • Eco-efficiency: Energy efficiency is the cornerstone of our carbon reduction work, it is a top priority in the maintenance of our properties, as it leads to savings in both emissions and euros.
    • Carbon footprint: All electricity procured by Technopolis is 100% carbon-neutral certified electricity, while roof solar panels are becoming more common on our premises. The campuses of Otaniemi, Ruoholahti, Aviapolis, Ydinkeskusta, Kontinkangas, Peltola, Linnanmaa and Yliopistonrinne in Finland are fully carbon-neutral in all energy consumption procured by Technopolis.
    • Environmental certifications: Technopolis uses third-party verified LEED and BREEAM building certificates as management, minimization, and measurement tool of environmental impact. The rating is used to guide us on new construction projects and the management of existing buildings.
    • Accessibility of campuses: Most of our premises are centrally located and easy to reach by public transport or bicycle, and we offer electronic charging stations for cars on most of our campuses.
  • Social

    Healthy & productive people

    • Indoor environmental quality: We make sure that the indoor air quality and thermal comfort are at an appropriate level. We examine these through technical monitoring, as well as regularly measuring customer satisfaction on the matter. In our new buildings, sustainability starts with a well-planned, functional layout that ensures fresh indoor air, optimal lighting, and good acoustics.
    • Wellbeing: Supporting wellbeing is a central focus point for us when designing office spaces. The work-life balance of our customer companies benefits from access to our on-site shared services, including high-quality restaurants, fitness studios, networking events, and even family movie days. Comfortable shared areas and networking events give rise to everyday social encounters and a sense of community.
    • Healthy and vegetarian food options: Our restaurants offer healthy options with less sugar and low-fat products and focus on vegetarian choices.
  • Good governance

    Values and ethics as foundation

    • Responsible business practices: Strong core values and ethics lay the foundation for Technopolis’ responsible business practices and ensure compliance with our Code of Conduct, corporate governance, and risk management. By operating ethically, we ensure transparent value creation for our stakeholders in the long term.
    • Code of Conduct: Technopolis’ Code of Conduct forms the basis of the sustainability of the company’s business operations, environmental affairs and employee and stakeholder relations. With the Supplier Code of Conduct, Technopolis aims to ensure that its suppliers and other partners comply with the Code of Conduct and the same quality requirements as Technopolis.

TestHow sustainable is your workday?

Sustainability is an integral part of a successful business and the promotion of wellbeing. But how sustainable is your workplace? Do you make sustainable choices at work? Take this test and read some tips on how to make your workplace more sustainable.

Certified sustainability & green memberships

Our commitment to sustainability is visible in a number of ways. Technopolis is part of the Finnish Green Building Council (FIGBC) and the Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients (RAKLI), while we have also joined the Energy Efficiency Agreement for the Property Sector.