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We offer flexible and adaptable office spaces on our Gasperich campus in Luxembourg. Our comprehensive selection includes diverse solutions from small offices to large office spaces suitable for headquarters. Many of our campuses also have a Technopolis HUB tailored for smaller teams. Technopolis' design services tailor office spaces to your preferences, covering layout planning, furnishings, and renovations of any size.

“We want to offer our customers functional workspaces and a first-class customer experience. Technopolis offers flexible offices and convenient services like cleaning and parking to simplify your company's daily operations.”

Niko Pulli, CEO of Technopolis

Why choose Technopolis’ office spaces?

From Technopolis, you get adaptable office spaces and functional services with a flexible contract. By choosing Technopolis, you will get:

  • Customizable, high-quality office space tailored to your company's needs.
  • First-class services for your office and the opportunity to utilise the different services on campus.
  • Your own contact person and the praised reception service that is always ready to help you.
  • An office space that is easily accessible by car, public transport and bicycle.
  • A transformative partner: when your company changes, our office spaces change with you.

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Sustainability at TechnopolisHealthy employees and efficient office spaces

The foundation of our sustainability work is to enable our customers to be sustainable.

  • We are committed to the use of carbon-neutral energy in all our properties by 2030.
  • Technopolis uses LEED and BREEAM building certificates as management, minimization, and measurement tool of environmental impact.
  • All of our buildings use 100% carbon-neutral certified electricity.
  • We are constantly taking concrete measures to improve energy efficiency, for example, by means of advanced analytics that optimise energy consumption.
  • We use technical measures to monitor the indoor air quality and room temperature, and measure customer satisfaction with the indoor air quality regularly on all campuses.
  • Our goal is to strengthen the wellbeing and productivity of our customers’ employees, and we want to maintain and further improve the excellent level of our customer satisfaction surveys.

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