Technopolis uses now 100 % renewable electricity on all its campuses

The shared workspace expert Technopolis has committed to using carbon-neutral energy in all its buildings by 2030. From the beginning of 2022, all of Technopolis’ campuses have been using 100 % renewable and certified electricity.

Technopolis’ 16 campuses host 1,500 companies in six countries within Europe. Technopolis campuses in Finland were the first ones to start using renewable electricity almost a decade ago. After this, Technopolis invested in introducing renewable electricity to its international campuses. The last ones to switch to 100 % renewable electricity were campuses in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Oslo, and Luxemburg over the last year.

– This is the first big step toward our 2030 carbon-neutral energy target. Our campuses in Finland were pioneers in introducing the use of renewable electricity. From there, we expanded the use systematically to all our campuses. The foundation for our sustainability is to enable our customers to be sustainable, and we want to make the transition to using renewable energy as easy as possible for our customers, tells Niko Pulli, CEO of Technopolis.

In the future, Technopolis aims to increase the amount of on-site renewable energy production and invest in off-site renewable energy options. Today Technopolis has on-site energy production capabilities with solar panels on its campuses in Finland, Estonia, and Lithuania, amounting around 840 MWh in 2021.

The next big shift will be a transition to carbon-neutral heating

Sustainability has been a top priority for Technopolis for many years, and it shows in the results: emissions from energy usage alone have decreased by more than a third since 2016. One of the factors in this is energy efficiency investments made through heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) modernization, heat recovery, and energy use optimization through artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and data analytics.

The next step toward Technopolis’ 2030 target is to switch to renewable district heating on campuses. Innopoli buildings in Espoo and Ydinkeskusta building in Oulu are Technopolis’ first campuses that are carbon neutral in energy usage (scope 1 and 2) due to the implementation of energy-efficiency measures, 100 % renewable energy procurement, and the use of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics and energy optimization.

– As one of the pioneers in the environmental sustainability of workspaces, we are continuously investing in further developing the environmental sustainability of our buildings. Currently, 74 % of our properties are LEED- or BREEAM-certified, and our goal is to increase this number to 85 % by the end of 2022. In terms of climate change, the real estate sector needs to focus not only on reducing emissions but also on energy efficiency. Looking forward, we are also investing in solutions for low-carbon construction in new buildings, Pulli concludes.

For more information, contact:

Niko Pulli
CEO, Technopolis Holding Plc
+358 40 544 9014

Marjaana Kymäläinen
Sustainability Manager, Technopolis Holding Plc
+358 50 340 8205


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In 2022 Technopolis celebrates its 40th anniversary.