Imagine your best workspace – we’ll adapt

Close your eyes and vision: what does your dream office look like? What do you need to succeed in your work, collaborate with others and relax when needed? Adaptable workspaces are the best solution when you are looking to optimize your way of working. Together we’ll find solutions that support the needs of your employees – because adaptability is in our nature.

You imagine, we'll adapt

"The key thing is, that they offer great flexibility and adapt to your needs. If we suddenly needed more space, it would be no problem. We have excellent cooperation with Technopolis, and they were able to provide us with everything we needed. I can warmly recommend Technopolis for any company looking for a new office space."

– Vilja Kolehmainen, Jabra

Adaptability in a nutshell

  • You change, we change

    Adapt your workspace as needed: shrink to fit, grow in size, adjust the layout, move to another address – when your business requires flexibility, the office adapts.

    With Office Zones as our building blocks, we can help you to design an office that supports the needs of your employees by creating space for focused work, socializing, creative teamwork and hybrid meetings as well as classic open areas for desktop work.

  • Supporting growth & culture

    We will help design and implement your dream office with you, based on your needs and requests. An office to suit you and enhance your company culture.

  • One-stop-shop of workspace

    Our services scale to match your needs from workspace design to reception, meeting, restaurant, and cleaning solutions.

  • No strings attached

    Contract length and termination period that suit your needs. You stay with us because you want to, not because you have to.

  • Feel better, work better

    Quality gyms, healthy food, ergonomically engineered workstations – we got it all covered with actively listening to your wishes to provide you with the best possible service.

You change, we change

“We had a lot of special requests, but Technopolis was always super supportive, and if something wasn’t possible, they always came up with a plan B. Technopolis assured us that the office spaces are adaptable, and we can grow with them, and we are so happy that we could, since we love it here.”

– Laila Semenza, Neat

Time to adapt

We see adaptability as the highest priority to make your office more than squares. Have a look at our available office spaces here or leave us a message. We will help you find the right fit for your future.

Available office spaces

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