Innovating customer satisfaction: the Technopolis approach

Our mission at Technopolis is to always be the most desired place for work. We want to offer our customers a functional work environment and a first-class customer experience. These have been at the center of focus for Technopolis since the beginning of our operations in 1982.

Developing our customer experience has been a long (spanning more than 40 years), but essential, never-ending journey. Today, we systematically track and measure customer experience, ensuring it's a visible and guiding factor across all operational levels. We welcome all feedback, ranging from exceeded expectations to areas needing improvement.

Through our continuous surveys, we can promptly respond and make a difference, ensuring that our customers can rely on us to address any challenges that may arise. Every year, we gather feedback from thousands of our customers, including insights from decision-makers, practical contacts, and people who attend our events and use our meeting services.

We always put the customer first

Customer experience is the real-time pulse of Technopolis. We don't just ask questions to say we did; we ask them so that we can take action, evolve, and continually improve.

By examining and analyzing responses from our various surveys, we identify what our customers value and pinpoint areas that require more attention. We gain insights into how our unique concept benefits our customers and understand the challenges they are facing. This knowledge equips us to offer better services, and ultimately, it enables our customers to succeed in our workspaces.

With our extensive history in customer experience, we are also able to track our development: have our actions enhanced the services or areas, and have we achieved success?

These metrics are crucial not only for our internal assessment but also for our partnerships, such as with cleaning, maintenance, and restaurant services. Many of the survey questions are set as performance targets. For instance, the cleaning personnel are rewarded when they achieve certain results in specific customer satisfaction questions.

“We are very proud of our customer experience processes and, of course, the results. It’s been years of persistent hard work to reach this point and to truly integrate customer experience internally and with our partners. Customer experience is at the core of our DNA, and we are excited to continue developing it."

Karri Hautanen, CMO at Technopolis

We measure customer satisfaction throughout the customer journey

To effectively care for and understand our customers, our industry-leading customer experience processes cover the entire journey with Technopolis: from the moment our customers first pick up their phone to contact us, through the everyday life on our campus and in our office spaces, and even up to the day we hope never comes when our paths might separate.

Our customer satisfaction survey runs throughout the year. Instead of sending just one questionnaire at year's end, we continuously collect feedback. Each year, every decision maker and practical contact is invited to respond to our survey. Our goal is to receive responses from at least half of our customer companies in each city, ensuring that the results represent a broad spectrum of our customers. We analyze and monitor the feedback in real-time, enabling us to react to our customers’ comments when needed.

Our passion for customer satisfaction shows in the numbers

Over many years, we have continuously improved our customer experience and surveys. To date, we have received 40,000 completed forms, encompassing all our various surveys, over approximately 10 years.

Here are some facts and figures from the 2023 customer satisfaction survey:

  • Technopolis’ overall customer satisfaction rating stands at 4.2/5. This score reflects 25 individual key performance indicators (KPIs) at the group level, and we are incredibly proud to achieve this high average for the fourth consecutive year.
  • Extremely high grades were received for campus services (4.5/5) and also for the service attitude and professional skills of Technopolis’ personnel and partners’ staff (4.4/5).
  • Decision-makers particularly appreciated the service attitude and professional skills of both the reception service staff (4.7) and their own Technopolis contact person (4.5). They also gave high marks for how well the office supports their company’s needs (4.2), the selection and availability of campus services (4.4), the selection and availability of meeting services (4.4), and the ease of dealing with Technopolis (4.4).
  • In the responses of practical contacts, both the selection and availability of campus and meeting services were given high grades (both 4.4/5). Additionally, the service attitude and professional skills of both Technopolis’ and partners’ staff were praised, with ratings ranging from 4.2 to 4.7 out of 5.
  • It’s people who make the difference, and we are happy to report that our partners in facility maintenance, cleaning, and restaurant services also received very high ratings for their personnel’s service attitude and professional skills (all 4.2 or higher out of 5).

Take a look at why our customers would recommend us

“The easiness of office space is the reason for us being at Technopolis.”
Technopolis Asemakeskus in Tampere

“I would definitely recommend Technopolis based on the good location, the functionality of the concept and the friendly staff.”
Technopolis Aviapolis in Vantaa

“We enjoy the flexibility of the office building. Overall everything is very professional and the location is very central and easy to access.”
Technopolis Fornebu in Oslo

“Nice staff, who are able to meet the needs we have. The location is very central.”
Technopolis Ullevi in Gothenburg

“Services are great.”
Technopolis Gasperich in Luxembourg

“The service concept includes everything needed, especially for a small company, and makes the financial side easier, when several services/needs can be taken care of with one invoice.”
Technopolis Hermia in Tampere

“Excellent staff. Fantastic workspace.”
Technopolis Kista in Stockholm

“The location is good from our point of view. In addition, functionality and, in a certain way, effortlessness. Things run smoothly and you don't have to worry about it yourself every day.”
Technopolis Kontinkangas in Oulu

“All services come in the same package, and premises are in a good location.”
Technopolis Linnanmaa in Oulu

“I would recommend because of the overall service and concept. It's easy when you get everything at the same time.”
Technopolis Otaniemi in Espoo

“The concept itself. All in one place. It's easy and well oriented for customer, also when expanding or reducing space.”
Technopolis Ozas in Vilnius

“Versatile services and facilities. The facilities are also new and suit our business very well.”
Technopolis Peltola in Oulu

“Always got everything I wanted. Everything works, absolutely nothing bad to say. Even when we had a big water damage, including renovation and moving. Everything was handled like a dream.”
Technopolis Ruoholahti in Helsinki

“Great place to work, and it's easily accessible wherever you're coming from.”
Technopolis Ulemiste in Tallinn

“Everything works so well. I'm a Technopolis fan!”
Technopolis Ydinkeskusta in Oulu

“A really functional concept as a whole. Everything functions and the property management runs under its own weight. We don't have to worry about it ourselves. Clean, customizable and modern spaces.”
Technopolis Yliopistonrinne in Tampere

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