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The future of work has shifted into being hybrid and companies are currently considering how the premises will serve the company’s changing needs. A flexible and versatile office with adaptable services is key.

Technopolis Meeting at your service

People have become accustomed to the freedom remote work has brought but are fed up with the challenges of working from home. Therefore, modern, sustainable, and attractive offices with adaptable services will be a key factor in the competition.

Technopolis Meeting offers ease and convenience for organizing business related encounters and helps customers to focus on the most important success factors: the human interaction and content of the meeting. We want the customer and guest experience to be smooth, pleasant, and always supporting the customer business; to be top of the class.

We do everything so that you notice nothing. We go the extra mile. We push our own limits. We’ve solved every problem imaginable.

Technopolis service attitude

We build the stage for your show

Technopolis Meeting offers solutions for all different types of business-related meetings, seminar packages and events of all sizes, including:

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Casual events (sauna etc.)
  • Meetings (flow, ad hoc)
  • Incognito meetings (audited space for secure meetings)
  • After hour meetings and
  • Online meetings

Online meetings are for companies that organize webinars, trainings, and hybrid events. Technopolis offers a professional live streaming service with an external partner and an unlimited number of participants. Many of our meeting rooms have an integrated screen, high quality camera and speaker setup for smooth and convenient online meetings.

Your every need catered

Our meetings always include high quality catering if wanted. Catering is run by a passionate chef, turning seasonal ingredients into taste sensations. The kitchen listens to every wish and focuses on positive surprises. Every dish is cooked with skill and feeling. Catering services include:

  • Coffee Bar with Barista. Fresh from early morning until late afternoon
  • Delicious and healthy Lunch with personal touch
  • Take-Out meals and nice snacks
  • Total Meeting services
  • Creative Event services for all occasions
  • Vegetarian focus

Workplace solutions for your company's changing needs

Technopolis workplace solutions is a comprehensive service package that allows us to create functional workspaces for our customers making the work environment more productive, efficient, and happier.

With Technopolis workplace solutions, we carefully analyze the requirements of your company and design you an office space that will help maximize your team’s efficiency and comfort. We are here to help you with renovation and moving with furniture solutions if needed.

We simplify our customers’ everyday life by combining flexible office spaces with business services, high quality customer service and community. When things run smoothly, we can build a sense of community and nurture it with customized activities. Satisfied customers together with functional, adaptable facilities are the important for us.

Answering future needs with an adaptable concept

In our vision, offices are becoming meeting points that cater to focused work, creative teamwork, hybrid meetings, and team building. Technopolis office zones are the building blocks of a future-proof workspace that answer the needs of how we work today and tomorrow. We want to clarify the way of work and the implementation of different spaces for our customers as readymade solutions and packages including the look & feel.

The concept also helps the workspace to adapt as needed: shrink to fit, grow, adjust the layout, or move to another address. It enables us to best serve our customers throughout their lifecycles. We are here to help with all kinds of furniture needs. Our selection includes everything, whether you want to purchase or rent the furniture.

Companies need to adapt to the transformation of work. They need to ensure that their employees deliver their best, as well as guarantee that the office meets the needs of all the employees. Lastly, all the spaces and services need to adapt to the changing environments of the future.

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