Workplace Solutions

Planning to move to a new premises or looking to optimize your current space? Technopolis Workplace Solutions is a service where we carefully map out the real needs of your company and then design the ideal workspace for your team.

Optimize your office space with Workplace Solutions

How  much office space does your company need? Are you looking for an activity-based or hybrid office environment? Do all of your employees need their own workstations? These are the kinds of questions we can answer with our workplace solutions service.

By analyzing your company’s needs and thinking about how we can utilize space to improve the performance of your employees, we will collaborate with our interior designers to create you the most functional working environment possible. We can provide you with new furniture, as well as recycle your old office furniture.

Technopolis Workspace Solutions is a holistic service for companies that want to work more efficiently, invest in the comfort of their employees, and save on overall office costs. The service is ideal for companies that are: moving to a new premises; wishing to redesign their office to meet new requirements; looking to improve the functionality of their workspace.

What we offer

Have the whole turnkey solution or pick the pieces that best serve your needs. Talk with our experts and we can start to map out the unique needs of your company.

  • Workspace analysis & design

    It’s important to understand all of the relevant facts before planning your future space. We carefully analyze your company’s needs and carry out the relevant preparations to make your project easier.

    Getting people involved in the project is crucial if we want to make a significant change to your space. Our professional partners will help you reach a higher degree of employee satisfaction.

    Modern, well-designed spaces are beautiful and efficient. Basing the design process on activity-based workplaces (ABWs) will bring more possibilities, flexibility, and efficiency to your workspace and culture.

    Project management plays an important role in time management and budgeting. Let our experts take care of your project to ensure a straightforward process.

  • Workspace interior design & execution

    Technopolis has a wide selection of furniture for you to choose from, all of which is provided by our reliable partners. We also offer rental packages for all kinds of needs for your future office.

    In addition to furniture, Technopolis also offers acoustic and lighting solutions, as well as textiles like curtains and carpets. Plants are another important factor, as spaces are healthier and people are happier when there’s a little green around them.

    A well-organized move with our qualified partners reduces stress and logistical costs. The recycling of old furniture and other materials is also included.

    Our partners are familiar with the capacity of Technopolis buildings. Your space reconstruction will be completed efficiently and in good time.

    Welcome your employees with new office equipment and ergonomic furniture. Together with our partners, we will make sure your office is ready to be used when moving in.

Download a guideTips for a successful workspace change

In this guide, you will find a compact overview and checklist of how to build a work environment that allows people to work more flexibly and efficiently.

Read more about how your company can benefit from an optimized work environment