Flurry of Deals in Oulu to Boost Technopolis Occupancy

Technopolis’ Oulu team has closed four deals that will give a big boost to Technopolis occupancy. The biggest deal was a 10-year lease signed with the regional hospital district (PPSHP), which will take 5,000 m² from Technopolis Medipolis. The move-ins will begin in the second quarter of 2017. Several other deals will bring more than 3,000 m², with a financial occupancy impact of 8.6% in Oulu and 1% on the Group in the second quarter of 2017.

Pasi Keskitalo, the Director of Technical Services at PPSHP explained what was behind the decision to come to Technopolis. “There is a direct connection from Technopolis’ premises to the Oulu University Hospital, which is important to us, in order for our operations to run seamlessly. Technopolis’ modern and flexible space meets contemporary requirements and provides an excellent platform for us to deliver high-quality service to our customers,” says Keskitalo.

Technopolis Oulu head Marko Lind agrees. “Our campus is right next to the hospital and is a great fit for this kind of use. The whole area has been on the rise during the last year partly due to the substantial investments that PPSHP will be making over the next few years,” says Lind.

Technopolis CEO Keith Silverang points out that these deals are part of the accelerating Oulu recovery. “Oulu has come out of a major structural crisis stronger than ever. The city still has world-class high-tech talent, a powerful platform for entrepreneurial activity and plenty of growth companies with an international footprint. The crucial difference today, however, is that this platform is far more diversified than ever before, which will put the city’s knowledge economy on a firm footing for years to come. In the past week, Technopolis has signed new leases for over 9,000 m² in Oulu,” says Silverang. “ We think that’s a pretty good sign of things to come.”

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Director, Oulu Operations
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