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Are you looking for a new office space in Stockholm? Technopolis offers efficient and flexible offices in Northern Stockholm in the Kista area that are easily accessible by car and public transport. Our modern office spaces in Stockholm are adaptable to companies of all sizes, and there is a wide range of services available on the campus.

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Technopolis Stockholm – Find adaptable office space for your company in Northern Stockholm

You can find our Stockholm office spaces in Kista, the bustling business district. Located 13 kilometers northwest of central Stockholm, Kista is one of the major office submarkets in the Stockholm area. The area is characterized by large ICT establishments within information technology and telecommunication and is also known as the largest ICT cluster in Europe.

Technopolis office spaces in Stockholm

Technopolis campus in Stockholm is a modern property with adaptable office spaces. All the office spaces located at our Stockholm campus are easily accessible and there are a lot of parking spaces on the campus, many of which are for electric cars.

Technopolis campus in Stockholm is 44,500 square meters in size and serves as a hub for tech companies. The campus offers flexible office spaces and services that simplify your everyday life such as cleaning, postal services, IT services, and a restaurant. Technopolis is currently further developing the offering of the campus to provide even more services, such as gym facilities, conference spaces, a new reception, cafés and restaurants, as well as smaller office spaces for small businesses.

Why rent office space in Stockholm from Technopolis?

  1. Technopolis’ Stockholm offices are located at a strategic traffic hub in Kista with excellent connections from different directions.
  2. The Kista area is favored by multiple international IT companies and it is one of the largest workplace areas in Sweden.
  3. At Technopolis flexible office spaces are always possible to be customized according to customers’ needs.

Technopolis Stockholm office space premises and services

Technopolis in Stockholm offers office solutions for companies of all sizes.

You are welcome to come to visit our functional work environment where the combination of flexible facilities and versatile services meet the needs of our customers.

  • Our efficient office spaces and floor plans adapt to your company’s needs.
  • Technopolis Stockholm premises in Kista have a parking area total of 1,100 parking spaces with 190 electric car spots.
  • In addition, there are several loading docks that can be reached from most premises, a large cargo lift and even a possibility for storage.
  • Our campus services in Stockholm include coffee shops and a lunch restaurant.
  • At our campus in Stockholm, you’ll be part of a lively community of different companies and professionals.

The largest companies in the Kista area are Ericsson, Tele2 Sweden, IBM Sweden and CGI. And interesting companies such as Rapid Säkerhet, Atea, Arrow Electronics, Kone, Konica Minolta and Cargotec have their operations on Technopolis campus.

One of Sweden’s most visited malls and a large convention center are also located in developing Kista which makes the area a unique mix of business and recreational everyday life.

In the immediate vicinity of our office space in Stockholm are several restaurants as well as some of the area’s greenest places: Ärvinge meadows and Ursvik’s outdoor area, just outside the door.

Contact information for the Technopolis’ office premises in Stockholm

You can find contact information for Technopolis Stockholm employees and the campus, as well as arrival instructions on our website. You can also browse vacant office spaces at our Stockholm campus.

You can contact our Stockholm sales team directly via email or phone or you can leave us a contact request by using the contact form at the end of the page. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Arrival instructions to Technopolis’ Stockholm campus

Our Stockholm campus is strategically located along good transport connections and the campus is conveniently reached by bus, metro, bike or car. Our office spaces in Stockholm are located just off E18, our campus in Stockholm is easily accessible by car and situated within walking distance of the metro station.

You can find the arrival instructions to our Stockholm premises here!

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Why choose our office space located in Stockholm?

Choose Technopolis and you’ll get office space that is…

  • Strategically located with excellent connections
  • Easily accessible by car and bike
  • Conveniently reachable by public transport
  • Surrounded by excellent services
  • Situated in an attractive business environment
  • Effortlessly reachable to both employees and visitors
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