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Are you looking for a new office space in Luxembourg? Technopolis’ modern office spaces in Luxembourg are located in the district of Cloche d’Or with fantastic transport connections. Our office spaces in Luxembourg adapt to your company’s needs, and there are plenty of parking spaces and services available on campus.

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Technopolis Luxembourg – Find flexible office space in Luxembourg city

Technopolis’ office space in Luxembourg is based in the up-and-coming business district of Cloche d’Or, which is an increasingly popular location for professionals from all parts of the world. Technopolis Luxembourg is also very accessible, with the campus offering fantastic transport connections to the city center and airport, as well as quick access to the freeway.

The office space at Technopolis Luxembourg is based in a landmark building that houses all of the services you need to concentrate on what’s most important: Growing your business. Services include meeting rooms, and a brand-new coffee shop and restaurant. The restaurant is not your typical workplace canteen, but instead a stylish eatery run by an enthusiastic chef who uses seasonal ingredients with know-how and skill.

The modern office space at Technopolis Luxembourg can also be modified to meet your company’s changing needs. That means if your company ever wants to increase or decrease the total size of your office space, we can ensure it happens quickly and efficiently. Our Luxembourg office space is always flexible!

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  • Strategically located with excellent connections
  • Easily accessible by car and bike
  • Conveniently reachable by public transport
  • Surrounded by excellent services
  • Situated in an attractive business environment
  • Effortlessly reachable to both employees and visitors
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