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A workspace is more than squares

Technopolis simplifies your everyday life by combining flexible office spaces with meeting rooms and business services.
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Why Technopolis?

Squares are not really what you want, are they? Wouldn’t you prefer flexible workspace that adapts to your needs? How about one contract that includes access to office space and all the services? At Technopolis, you also get your own contact person, campuses that are based in strategic locations, and the chance to be part of a vibrant community of companies and professionals.

Adaptability is in our nature

At the core, a workspace has just one important attribute: adaptability.

Adaptability to change; to grow or shrink, to include or exclude services, or to cater for any size of workforce. Technopolis is built on the principle of adaptability – since 1982.

Dive into what true adaptability means and read on.

What do our customers say?

Technopolis is the shared workspace expert

We provide efficient and flexible offices, and everything that goes with them. Our services range from workspace design to reception, meeting, restaurant, and cleaning solutions. We are obsessed with customer satisfaction. Our 16 campuses host 1,500 companies and 45,000 employees in six countries within Europe.