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Looking for flexible office space on a thriving campus? Welcome to Technopolis Linnanmaa.

Technopolis Linnanmaa – Office space among thousands of professionals

You can find flexible office space and thousands of interconnected professionals at Technopolis Linnanmaa. The campus is home to 250 companies, 30 Technopolis properties, and the equivalent of 20 football fields in office space. As well as the selection of meeting rooms and auditoriums that are on campus, there are also six restaurants of different sizes, three sauna departments, and the Ideapark Oulu shopping center nearby. From our campus you will also find a small office area, Technopolis HUB, which consists of 84 smaller offices for teams of up to 12 people.

Around 6,000 professionals from all kinds of industries work at Technopolis Linnanmaa, which makes it a great place to be if you want to network and make lasting connections. The campus is next to Oulu University and just 10 minutes from the city center by car, as well as being easily accessible by public transport.

When visiting Linnanmaa, you will find yourself at the beginning of the Technopolis story. The original campus was built in the early 1980s after being inspired by Silicon Valley, and it went on to become one of the first technology villages in the world. Since then, most of the campus has been renovated and an extension was added in 2000.

Most of the buildings on this campus also hold international LEED certificates for energy and environmental conduct.

Technopolis HUB

Technopolis HUB – Small office area Linnanmaa, Oulu

Adaptable office area for small teams with private offices and shared services.

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Why Technopolis?

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  • Flexible office space that adapts to your needs
  • One contract that includes access to space and all services
  • Your own contact person and helpful staff at reception
  • A strategic location and great transport connections
  • Being part of a vibrant community of companies and professionals
  • Services on campus

    Your functional work environment combines office space and access to our services. Discover all the services available on this campus.

    Meeting rooms & catering

    Reception & security


    Cleaning & maintenance


    Workplace solutions

    Restaurants & coffee shops

    Internet connections


    Locker rooms & showers

    Beauty & health

    Other services

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  • Technopolis Linnanmaa, Elektroniikkatie 2

  • Technopolis Linnanmaa, Elektroniikkatie 3

  • Technopolis Linnanmaa, Elektroniikkatie 8

  • Technopolis Linnanmaa, Elektroniikkatie 10

  • Technopolis Linnanmaa, Elektroniikkatie 13

  • Technopolis Linnanmaa, Teknologiantie 1

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    Restaurants & coffee shopsDelicious meals served all day long

    You can find a total of six restaurants on Linnanmaa campus that serve up a great combination of familiar and international dishes. MIN Smarthouse at Elektroniikkatie 8 offers an ample buffet for lovers of vegan food that’s known as “Wicked Rabbit”, while there’s also tasty “MIN Chef” and Nordic buffet options. The other restaurants are Garden at Teknologiantie 1, Elektra at Elektroniikkatie 2, Louhi at Elektroniikkatie 3, Valo at Elektroniikkatie 6, and Galaksi at Elektroniikkatie 10. Most of the restaurants at Linnanmaa also provide self-service kiosks.

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