Myrsky Energia found a workspace from Technopolis in Oulu with the help of a rental broker

Myrsky Energia, a growth company specializing in renewable energy, was looking for new premises as the company expanded its operations to Oulu. A workspace that meets the company’s needs was found on Technopolis’ Linnanmaa campus, and it was designed in accordance with the company’s brand and to serve its ways of working. Myrsky Energia moved into the new premises in March.

In searching for its first office space in Oulu, Myrsky Energia utilized Catella’s rental brokerage services and found suitable premises on Technopolis’ Linnanmaa campus. The premises were renovated in line with the company’s brand and needs in close and open collaboration between Myrsky Energia and Technopolis. Location, parking solutions and scalability played an important role in the search for the office for Myrsky Energia, and after the move, the importance of campus services was also recognized.

“One advantage of the campus is the included services, which bring ease, as basic functions like cleaning and waste management are already taken care of. Also, the availability of unexpected services, such as larger meeting rooms, which we sometimes need, has been another advantage,” says Marko Kujanpää from Myrsky Energia.

“The new workspace is cozy and reflects our look – and it has received extremely good feedback. In the beginning, the transition from home offices to the new premises naturally took a while, but now the office has become a part of our daily life. In addition to the workspaces, our employees enjoy the office lounge area, which is a space for relaxing over a cup of coffee,” Kujanpää continues.

In line with Myrsky Energia’s brand, the workspace includes dark finishes, wooden wall panels that improve acoustics, glass, and the company’s logo as an impressive light fixture. The 248-square-meter space was designed to incorporate open spaces, smaller working rooms, a meeting room as well as a common lounge area. Today, the workspaces provide a work environment for Myrsky Energia’s 11 local employees and a flexible framework for growth.

“With design choices, such as surface materials, the workspace was transformed to mirror Myrsky Energia’s look, and the space offers a comfortable environment for work and meetings. The customer took part in designing the spaces, and the process was very smooth thanks to good dialogue. The view from the seventh floor also adds a nice touch to the already impressive workspace,” says Technopolis’ Key Account Manager Maija Väyrynen.

Catella’s workspace mapping yielded quick results

When searching for an office space, Myrsky Energia contacted property broker Catella, whose Sales Manager Pekka Laurila-Harju began mapping different operators’ available workspaces matching the company’s needs.

“First, we mapped available spaces in the city center but soon expanded our search to the northern parts of the city, as there were no free and suitable spaces in the city center. When we found suitable premises, I contacted Maija Väyrynen, who sent an offer to Myrsky Energia on the same day,” Laurila-Harju describes the process.

A workspace matching Myrsky Energia’s needs was found near the highway in Linnanmaa, a district that is easy to find for visitors arriving from, for example, the airport and the train station. In addition to its location, the campus has received praise from the staff for its excellent parking spaces.

“Technopolis’ flexible offering in terms of floor space and scalability was another key factor in addition to a suitable location. The cooperation with Technopolis is also very smooth – they are always quick to provide us with an offer and a showing date that suits the customer,” says Laurila-Harju.

“I am glad that we could offer a workspace that meets Myrsky Energia’s needs, and that they chose Technopolis’ campus as the location of their new office in Oulu. The cooperation with both Myrsky Energia and the broker was extremely good, and we can be very happy with the outcome,” Väyrynen notes.

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