A healthy body and mind at Technopolis Fornebu

Are you in need of a dental check-up but struggling to find the time? Do you want to squeeze in a quick workout session between meetings? Or perhaps you require a physician's checkup, but the only available slot is during work hours. Tenants at Technopolis Fornebu have access to all of these services near their office: — We hope that these services make it easier for tenants to take care of themselves.

With multiple health services under one roof, Technopolis Fornebu tenants can enjoy quick access to everything from dental check-ups to yoga classes. Making it easier to prioritize your physical health and a strong mind, especially in a busy everyday life.

"Our health is one of the most important things we have. Therefore, we are very pleased that we can offer a wide range of health services at our Fornebu campus. It should be easy and convenient for tenants to seek the health services they need, whether it's before, after, or in the middle of working hours. For example, if you feel your throat starting to get sore, the distance from your desk to the doctor's office is very short," says Alf Astrup, Business Unit Director of Technopolis Fornebu and Kista.

Tin Vo Tran, a doctor at the newly opened Fornebulys Legekontor, points out that proximity to medical services can benefit both employees and employers.

"With our office being close to where people work, we can offer early diagnosis and treatment, which can reduce sick leave and potentially improve productivity. This is especially true now in the upcoming winter season with an increased number of cases of respiratory infections," says Tran.

Preventive services in a stressful everyday life

Preventing illness is just as important, and at Technopolis Fornebu, you can also find a range of other services that can be useful in everyday life. In a time when many office workers have both sedentary and stressful everyday lives, yoga classes and gym sessions at Technopolis' own gym can be helpful for the body and mind. The gym is modern, well-equipped, and free for tenants. You can also get a personal trainer at Fornebu PT-studio.

André Dragsnes, Personal Trainer at Fornebu PT-Studio, wants companies with desk-bound jobs to facilitate training and physical activity for their employees.

"The body is made to move. Static and desk-bound work often creates stiff, tight muscles and joints, which in turn can cause discomfort. This can be prevented with exercise and physical activity. Fornebu PT-Studio wants to be a good partner for all companies at Technopolis when it comes to corporate health. We tailor solutions for all companies, regardless of size," adds Dragsnes.

If you have stiff neck or back problems, you can also visit Fornebu Kiropraktorsenter, where you can get chiropractic treatment to relieve pain and discomfort as well as massage therapy to reduce muscle stiffness.

"We simply have a collection of good health services with dedicated teams. This means that you don't have to go far to get in touch with a healthcare professional or a gym. We hope that the services make it easier for tenants to take care of themselves," says Astrup.
Here is the list of the various health services at Technopolis Fornebu:
Fornebu Kiropraktorsenter
Fornebulys Legekontor
Fornebu PT-studio
Fornebu Tannlegesenter