Leading travel agency moves in with Technopolis Ullevi in Gothenburg

BIG Travel, one of the leading travel agencies in the Nordic region, has become Technopolis' latest customer at the Ullevi campus in Gothenburg. Their new office space measures 354 square meters and has been customized according to their specific needs. Along with the location, it was primarily the variety of services and the quality of the premises that influenced BIG Travel's decision to choose Technopolis.

BIG Travel most recently relocated from its previous office in Mölndal to its new space at Technopolis Ullevi in Gothenburg. The new 354 square meters office has been customized to better meet BIG Travel's requirements. The ability to personalize their office, combined with the range of services offered by Technopolis, were crucial factors in their decision. The campus provides a variety of services, such as access to a gym, reception services, and multiple restaurants.

“The location initially caught our attention, but what ultimately influenced our decision was the quality of the facilities, premises, and the excellent reception from Technopolis. Since moving to Technopolis Ullevi we have got new customers from the campus which is also a significant advantage to us,” says Lelle Zetterblad, Head of Travel at BIG Travel.

For Technopolis, this encapsulates the core of their business. One of the most crucial aspects of Technopolis' operations is the ability to provide a comprehensive range of services and offer customers customized and specially designed premises that meet their customers’ specific requirements.

“We are delighted to welcome BIG Travel as our new customer. Our primary objective is to provide excellent service solutions to our customers, and our commitment to gaining the continued trust of both new and long-standing customers is what drives us forward,” says Johanna Bergendahl, Account Manager at Technopolis Ullevi.