Next year 50% of the electricity consumed in Technopolis Lithuania buildings will come from solar energy

Technopolis, which operates the largest office campus in Lithuania, will significantly expand the use of solar energy for buildings from March 2023, when solar power plants installed on its own roofs will be supplemented by energy supplied by a remote farm. The company has signed a long-term contract with the renewable energy company Green Genius, which will supply Technopolis with 3.4 MW, or 90% of the total energy produced by the solar power plant currently under construction in the Šeduva district.

“For several years here in Lithuania we have been buying only green electricity to power our buildings, as well as we have been consistently expanding the supply of renewable energy produced by ourselves. Together with our partners, we have been installing solar power plants on the roofs of Technopolis. Finally, we have exploited all the available infrastructure and have no more space to install new solar panels by ourselves, so we have taken the next big step – we will buy solar energy from a remote solar park”, says Tadas Zinys, Real Estate Manager at Technopolis Lithuania.

“Office buildings consume a lot of energy, so the sourcing of renewable energy is one of the Technopolis Group’s goals. By 2030, Technopolis is committed to using carbon-neutral energy in all of its buildings – this includes electricity as well as energy used for heating and cooling. Since the beginning of this year, all Technopolis office campuses in 6 countries already use 100% renewable and certified electricity. And in Lithuania, we're taking sustainability to the next level by buying more locally generated renewable energy”, says T. Žinys.

Karolis Proscevičius, Head of Sales at Green Genius, says that the green energy boom in Lithuania started a year and a half ago, and it’s not just due to high energy prices.

“The drastic increase in prices, of course, is particularly encouraging for using green energy, but even before that, we have seen a radical change in the way businesses perceive “green”. In the past, companies talked more about the importance of “green solutions”, but there were less concrete actions to protect the environment. Now we are seeing that businesses are willing to take initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions in the country where they operate, which is a good example.”

“In 2016, Technopolis was a pioneer in this sense – the company was the first in Lithuania to sign a solar-as-a-service contract. After we installed solar power plants on their buildings, the office campus used this energy exclusively for its own needs. The current Technopolis remote solar park project will be one of the largest, even probably the largest among the real estate companies today in Lithuania", emphasizes Proscevičius.

Technopolis Lithuania and Green Genius also signed an agreement earlier this year for the collection of food waste, coffee and tea grounds in the Technopolis office campus – these biodegradable materials will be used to produce green energy and organic fertilizers.

About Technopolis

Technopolis offers efficient and flexible offices and everything in between. The company provides its clients with a wide range of services, from workspace design to reception, meetings, restaurants and cleaning services. There are 16 Technopolis campuses in six European countries, housing 1,500 companies and 45,000 employees. In Vilnius, near Ozas Park, Technopolis owns 6 buildings: Alfa, Beta, Gama, Delta, Penta and Nova. This office city consists of about 104,000 sqm of leasable space and employs about 8,300 people.