Technopolis welcomes four new customers in Helsinki – Ruoholahti area attracts companies

Technopolis has signed lease agreements with four new customers for Technopolis Ruoholahti, located in Salmisaari, Helsinki. The new tenants include Geomatikk Finland Oy and Vialto Partners Finland.

Technopolis Ruoholahti also hosts customer companies such as Kemira, Dream Broker and Paroc.

“Companies are interested in Ruoholahti as a business location, as the area is easily reached by public transport, by car and by bike. It is important that both employees and guests can easily access the office with their chosen means of transportation. Our campus also has excellent parking facilities, which is an important factor for many of our customers,” says Juuso Syvänen, Head of Sales for Helsinki Metropolitan Area at Technopolis.

For Geomatikk Finland, the location was one of the key factors in choosing their office space.

“The office space at Technopolis Ruoholahti and the shared spaces at the campus are all very modern and clean. Ruoholahti is easily accessible by public transport and by car. This was a key deciding factor for us. The pricing was competitive compared to the other options, and we believe that this office space makes us more attractive to future talents, as well,” states Ville Heinonen, CEO of Geomatikk Finland Oy.

The location also serves the employees of Vialto Partners Finland.

“The modern and functioning spaces, services and the good location were influencing factors for us in the decision making. Most of our employees live in Helsinki or Espoo, and Ruoholahti is easily accessible for them,” says Risto Löf, Country Manager for Vialto Partners Finland.

Functioning services complement the office space

Juuso Syvänen notes that in addition to a central and accessible location, companies are now also looking for solutions that simplify their everyday life – both in their office spaces and in the services that support their employees’ daily work.

“Speaking with our current and potential customers, one thing that stands out is the importance of services that make their everyday life easier. Companies want to get the whole service package from cleaning to reception and access control from one service provider instead of having to make contracts with multiple providers,” Syvänen explains.

“The services also make the office space more attractive. Our customers are looking for ways to attract employees to the office, and we have noticed that high-quality services that support the daily work of employees bring significant added value in working at the office,” Syvänen continues.
Geomatikk Finland and Vialto Partners Finland also see the value of services.

“We did not emphasize services that much when choosing the space, but during these first weeks we have seen how much of a positive impact they have made on the smooth flow of daily work and the general well-being of our employees. So far, Technopolis’ services have catered to us very well,” says Ville Heinonen.

“Services play an important role for us, and we are excited to see how they develop further in the future,” Risto Löf adds.

At the beginning of the pandemic, it was predicted that organizations would start to reduce the size of their office spaces since people started to work more from home. But at Technopolis there is no sight of this trend – on the contrary, customers have increased the size of their workspaces.

Currently, companies are upgrading their office spaces to better meet the requirements of hybrid work, as employees are expecting the office to provide the same comforts they have gotten used to at home over the two-year-long period of remote working. For Technopolis, this has resulted in a rapid increase in the demand for workspace transformation projects.

“Many of our customers are planning to redesign their office space, and listening to the needs of employees has become increasingly important in the designing of workspaces,” Syvänen says.

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