Functional and attractive office space is created by involving the employees

When the employees are happy and have workspaces that support their different working needs, they are also more efficient and it increases their commitment to the organization.

COVID-19 accelerated the development of office spaces significantly. In two years, we jumped forward 10 years in the ways we work and with that the requirements of office spaces.

Over the long period of mainly working from home, the gap between office and home narrowed. This means that the employees’ needs and requirements for their work environment have developed substantially. This can be seen in both the coziness and homely feel of the office as well as how well the workspace answers to different types of work, like hybrid meetings that have become a norm.

This development has naturally created a lot of uncertainty in many organizations. How do we attract our employees to the office and strengthen our company culture? How can we take into account the different needs of our different employees? How do we incorporate the comforts and habits to our office that our employees have gotten used to while working at home?

Adaptable and cost-efficient solution to workspaces

We at Technopolis want to enable our customers to be more successful and that’s why we created Office Zones to answer the changed needs of employees and organizations now and in the future.

Office Zones is built on Technopolis' expertise and extensive experience with creating high-quality workplace environments. The concept enables to create adaptable need-based office spaces together with the customer cost-effectively. It involves designing, tailoring, and assembling different zones in the office space based on the needs of each customer and their employees.

When an organization is thinking about what kind of workspaces they need, it is crucially important to think about involving the employees in the process. When involving employees in the planning of new office space they feel involved and are much more likely to see the change as beneficial for them. Asking your employees what kind of workspaces they need and wish for, helps the organization make the right choices.

That’s why our planning of office space always starts with a workplace survey that we conduct for the employees. Based on the answers we get a comprehensive understanding of the needs that must be accounted for in the planning of the new space.

Office Zones for every work-related need

To be able best answer to the needs and create a layout that suits the organization best, we have created zones for each work activity. Based on our expertise, experience and constant dialogue with our customer we have identified different working needs and know what kind of support services support the daily life at an office.

The zones involve rooms for virtual meeting spaces and quiet work, different solutions for workstations, social seating areas that are perfect for a cup of coffee with colleagues and relaxation rooms.

With a combination of the right zones, we build an office space, that actually attracts employees to the office, and supports efficiency and the company culture.

The solution also includes carefully selected color themes and a wide range of furniture options – which makes the design process both easier and more efficient. It is all about a natural and timeless interior, which gives a homely feeling, and the solutions are adaptable to brand-specific needs, so the look and feel is always unique.

With Office Zones, we ensure that all customers get an attractive and functional office space that contributes to the employees' well-being and the new needs of the hybrid age.

The top 4 reasons you should involve your employees in the planning of the office space

  1. They know best what their daily work tasks are and what kind of spaces they require
  2. When employees are included, they are more committed to the change, and it increases a sense of community
  3. When the workspace suits the employees’ needs, it supports the efficiency and attractiveness of the office
  4. A functioning and cozy workspace is an advantage in the competitive job market – the office can positively affect employees’ commitment to the organization and attract new talents
What could your workspace look like with Office Zones? Find out here!

Jaana von Bell

Jaana von Bell works for Technopolis as a Concept Manager for workspaces and customer solutions. Jaana’s passion is to create and develop diverse and inspiring workspaces where wellbeing and functionality are the key elements.