Office Zones™  

How to build a workplace that supports your organization’s needs?

Every organisation is different, and every individual has specific needs. On this page, you get to test what your new office could look like when it is planned with individual needs in mind.

Let’s build a workplace that is tailored for you!

Our quick and easy planning process:

  1. Technopolis interior design team identifies your company’s needs by carrying out a quick workplace survey and discussing with key personnel.
  2. Based on the results and facts, it is easy to pick up correct Office Zones to match with your organization’s office space needs.
  3. Next, we will create test fits and colored layouts to show how Office Zones fit into your office’s square meters.
  4. Once the layout is ready, it is time to design furniture and the ‘look & feel’.
  5. You get it all from us; Tendered furniture packages to purchase or rent. Flexible renting model enables to scale up and down the furniture when change is needed.
  6. Office interiors can be customized according to your company brand and culture. E.g adding brand colors, greenery and additional.

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We’re here to help!

We are happy to conduct a quick workplace survey to identify the correct Office Zones for your organization. By filling in the form, you get the survey free of charge for your future or current office space at Technopolis!

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