Neliöt Liikkuu chose easily accessible Technopolis Ruoholahti

The easy-to-reach location of Salmisaari and the ease of everyday life provided by the Technopolis concept were important criteria in choosing the office premises for the real estate agency Neliöt Liikkuu LKV.

In early 2024, Neliöt Liikkuu moved to Technopolis Ruoholahti in Salmisaari, Helsinki. Neliöt Liikkuu LKV’s former office was located in Töölö in Helsinki city centre. The main reason for choosing the Ruoholahti campus located along the Western Highway was the effortlessness of the office space and services.

“For real estate agents, it is very important that the office can be reached quickly and easily from different directions and that there are always conveniently available parking spaces. The location of Technopolis Ruoholahti is excellent, and we can easily get the services we need directly from Technopolis,” says Samu Siponen, CEO of Neliöt Liikkuu LKV.

In addition to the location of the office, the Ruoholahti campus’ services, such as restaurants, meeting rooms and gym, make everyday life easier.

“Everything works here, and we don’t have to worry about things like cleaning or other everyday tasks. Due to the mobile nature of our work, the functionality of the office space and the on-campus services are very important to us. The meeting rooms on the campus complement our office particularly well. The office’s flexibility is also essential, as it allows us to adapt the office space in the future, if necessary,” says Andrei Koivumäki, founder of Neliöt Liikkuu LKV.

Neliöt Liikkuu LKV’s need for new premises arose quickly, and Technopolis was able to meet the company’s schedule. A suitable office space of approximately 200 square metres was found on the Ruoholahti campus.

“It’s important for us to be able to respond to our customers’ needs in a flexible manner and find a suitable solution, even on a tight schedule. It’s also great to hear that the services on campus help support the everyday life of the company and its employees. Thanks to its central location, the Ruoholahti campus is ideal for companies with mobile staff,” says Juuso Syvänen, Head of Sales at Technopolis.

Established in 2019 in the Helsinki capital region, Neliöt Liikkuu expanded its operations to two new cities in early 2024. The premises in Helsinki must also support the company’s strategy and growth.

“Our strategy is to grow in a controlled and organic way, and our office supports these goals perfectly. Our office in Helsinki functions as a base for our entire community; it is a comfortable and easily reachable space for people from other cities as well,” says Koivumäki.

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