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Finding your Flow

We all have it in us to perform well – at work and at home. Yet, the demands of modern life can make that goal feel distant. In 2024, we go inside the mind of the modern employee. What does it take to perform sustainably? Join Technopolis Wellness Talks to explore 6 themes – for better life, and better performance. Technopolis Wellness Talks are interactive live events streamed online. Miss the live event? Don’t worry, the recordings are available all year. Hintsa experts will present the topics and scientific evidence. It’s not just talk. After each webinar, participants will receive concrete tips on how to put what they learn into practice.

Date: Wednesday, September 4, 2024
Time: 9:30 - 10:30 EET / 8:30 - 9:30 CET
Time zone: EET (Eastern European Time, UTC+2) - Helsinki, Tallinn, Vilnius
Location: Your own desktop

If you’ve ever heard someone describe a time when their performance excelled and they were “in the zone,” they were likely describing an experience of the psychological phenomenon, ‘Flow’, a state of full task engagement and minimal self-referential thinking.

​Join us for this session to take you deeper into the psychology behind Flow state and how you can find the potential to increase your wellbeing, creativity and productivity by unlocking the power of ‘Flow’ state.

Key topics: ​

  • What is flow – Identify where Flow exists and the benefits to everyday performance.​
  • Microflow & deep flow – Learn the key differences and benefits between the two flow sub-states. ​
  • Individual & group flow – How to foster a culture of flow both independently and in a team

Session Hosts – Suzy Madge & Nathan Rendel

Speaker: Suzy Madge

  • MSc in Positive Psychology
  • Senior Performance Coach & Core Mentor

Suzy is a much sought-after performance coach and mentor. She works with a broad range of clients from mid-career professionals to senior executives and leaders. She has an uncanny ability to coach and guide clients through personal crises to clarity and passion for the road ahead.​

Her interest in the connection between mind, body, and performance began as a 12-year-old international tennis player. Swapping small yellow balls for big white mountains, she pursued her passions for wellbeing and adventure sports with an MSc in Positive Psychology, leading ski-mountaineering expeditions all over the world. ​She has clearly made a lasting impression: she even has a mountain in Afghanistan named after her, “Koh-e-Suzanna”.​

As a wellbeing and performance psychologist, Suzy’s particular interests are risk, stress, focused attention, core, and meaning. She is also an exceptional speaker and workshop facilitator – supporting, surprising and inspiring audiences and clients with skilfully assertive wisdom.

Event partner: Hintsa Performance

Hintsa is the world’s leading, evidence-based coaching company, helping top athletes and business professionals achieve sustainable success. Driven by science and guided by people, their methods are road tested in the world’s most challenging business and sports environments.

Formula 1 Champions, Fortune 500 CXOs, leading management consultancies, non-profit crisis workers, surgeons, and power plant workers all trust Hintsa to help them live better and perform better. They are proud to be recognised as a thought leader in their field by the World Economic Forum and McKinsey Quarterly.

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