Technopolis First in Finland to Launch LEED Volume Program

Technopolis is the first company in Finland to launch the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Volume Program for existing buildings. Technopolis is also the first in Europe and second worldwide to start using the advanced, more stringent model (v4) for Volume certifications.

The Volume Program enables environmental certification of multiple buildings efficiently as well as spreads sustainability best practices across a real estate portfolio. Technopolis was accepted to the program due to its long-term commitment to sustainability and its numerous existing LEED certifications. Over 40% of Technopolis’ properties are LEED-certified measured by gross area. Company’s first buildings under the Volume program are to be certified in the beginning of 2018.

“LEED certification is a way to communicate our commitment to sustainability to our customers, employees, investors and industry peers within a framework that is well-known and accepted. The certifications serve as quality label and demonstrate that our properties have a lower environmental impact. With the Volume Program we can further unify our practices and carry out the certification process faster and more efficiently,” says Johanna Kivelä, Sustainability Manager at Technopolis.

Technopolis cooperates with Green Building Partners Ltd in developing and implementing LEED Volume Program. The Program currently hosts approximately 50 active participants globally – e.g. HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Vasakronan, Citigroup and Marriott.

LEED is the most widely used third-party verification for evaluating the ecological footprint of buildings. The certifications are verified by the US Green Building Council.

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Johanna Kivelä
Sustainability Manager
Tel. +358 40 7611 577