Technopolis Opens UMA Coworking Space in Downtown Copenhagen

Technopolis is expanding into the Danish market. The company is opening a new coworking space in downtown Copenhagen in September 2018. The UMA Workspace-branded facility will be built into a leased 1,950 square meter space with 33 small offices, 60 hot desks and 5 shared conference rooms. It will be located in the very center of the city next to Strøget, Copenhagen’s main shopping street, and the City Hall. The space will be named UMA Vestergade.

Technopolis has reserved 30 million euros to build up a network of 20 UMA coworking spaces in the biggest cities of the Nordic and Baltic Sea region by the end of 2020. These will be stand-alone facilities located outside the Technopolis’ campus network. UMA Vestergade will be Technopolis’ third stand-alone coworking space. The first stand-alone UMA was opened in Helsinki in 2016 and the second will open in the Stockholm city center in April 2018.

”The shared workspace book is picking up speed and so is Technopolis. Our UMA concept is an essential part of Technopolis’ strategy. The new UMA in Copenhagen is our first step in Denmark, but it’s still just the beginning. We intend to expand our footprint and deploy our concept aggressively, rapidly and professionally. We are pushing hard to launch several more UMAs this year,” says Keith Silverang, CEO of Technopolis.

State-of-the-Art Shared Workspaces & Service

UMA is designed to meet the rising demand for flexibility, efficiency and service by offering premium shared workspaces in central locations with all the needed services ranging from high-quality IT solutions and modern conference rooms to specialty coffee and networking events. Customers will get access to all of these spaces and services with a single membership.

“We have noticed that although work has become increasingly mobile, people still need a home base for their work. There is strong demand for a professional work environment where people can really focus on their work and at the same time have a community around them. This is what UMA is all about,” says Technopolis Service Director Niko Pulli.

Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular in Copenhagen too. “We are super-excited to launch UMA Vestergade. It’s a terrific location in central Copenhagen and the facility is going to be just gorgeous. We get to build a modern workspace into a 300-year-old building. We are proud to bring the benefits of high quality coworking spaces to companies in Denmark, and we can guarantee them a stylish and modern office that offers a professional and premium experience,” Pulli says.

UMA Vestergade:

Address: Vestergade No 29-31
Space: 1 950 m2
Small offices (UMA Private): 33
Hot desks: 60
Meeting rooms: 5


More information:

Niko Pulli
Director, Services
+358 40 544 9014