Technopolis Sustainability Recognized with Full Five Stars

Technopolis participated in the GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) survey for the fourth year in a row, received the full five stars and was again awarded the prestigious Green Star status. Technopolis improved its score compared to last year and was rated as the sixth best company in its European peer group. In addition, the company was recognized for its open and transparent data disclosure.

GRESB measures environmental, social and governance related factors in the real estate sector globally. “Our score improved in almost every category compared to last year, thanks to the continuous sustainability efforts throughout our operations,” says Johanna Kivelä, Sustainability Manager at Technopolis. “This year we have been updating our energy reduction and carbon footprint road map in order to achieve great results in the future, too. We exceeded our energy reduction target in the Finnish energy efficiency agreement for commercial properties (TETS) for the period 2011-2016,” Kivelä continues.

Technopolis also received the EPRA gold sBPR award, an acknowledgment for its sustainability data disclosure. The company improved its EPRA certification level in both sustainability and financial reporting.

Receiving these awards signifies that Technopolis is among the sustainability forerunners in the real estate sector. “Constantly evolving customer needs and changing working life offer us a great opportunity to develop our concept as the forces behind the shared economy intensify. Reinforcing our building resilience and sustainability is integral part of our response to this megatrend,” says Keith Silverang, CEO of Technopolis.

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