10 tips for a more sustainable workplace

Everyone can improve the sustainability of their workplace with small choices made throughout the day and by suggesting new, more sustainable ways of working. Below you will find ten ways to reduce your environmental impact at work. How many have you already adopted?

10 tips for a more sustainable workplace

  1. Turn off the lights whenever you leave a room empty, even if you are just going for a cup of coffee. The office’s light switches can also be changed to motion detectors that turn the lights off automatically.
  2. Switch off computers, monitors, copiers and other devices when they are not in use. Remember to also unplug chargers when they are not needed.
  3. Choose energy-efficient electronics and recycle old electronics.
  4. When procuring products, take into account their environmental impacts and make new procurements only when necessary.
  5. Sort the waste generated at the office appropriately.
  6. Avoid using disposable paper and plastic cups.
  7. Strive to make your office paperless and favour distributing files electronically. Only print out documents when it is necessary to do so. Use paper-saving settings such as two-sided printing.
  8. Favour plant-based food options for meetings and lunches. Offer the option to take plant-based milk with coffee instead of cow’s milk.
  9. Consider walking, bicycling or using public transport to get to work. Employers can support ecological and healthy, exercise-providing commuting options by, for example, offering to pay for public transport instead of providing a parking spot.
  10. Avoid unnecessary business trips. Many meetings can be held remotely using videoconferencing, saving time and money.

Few extra tips for decreasing water consumption

  1. Only wash full dishwashers and avoid washing dishes under running water – preferably use a dishwasher
  2. Use toilet seat flushes correctly
  3. Make a service request as soon as you notice leaking water fixtures
  4. Do not run water unnecessarily in the shower

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