10 practical tips for a cleaner work environment

Some people are more sensitive to a messy work environment than others. People tend to realize the level of tidiness in the office when visitors arrive, if not before. Just like at home, a tidy and fresh environment at work creates a sense that things are under control. Of course, a tidy work environment also contributes to employee efficiency and comfort.

Since everyone should focus on their own core competencies at work, companies can benefit from outsourcing work environment and cleaning services. Every company should, of course, have rules and responsibilities, and these should be communicated openly: who is responsible for removing unused or broken equipment and furniture from the office and recycling it, for example?

In a good work environment, tidiness is managed proactively and holistically. For example, appropriate facilities create more space and make it easier to carry out maintenance cleaning. A thorough cleaning and related preparations, carried out annually or more frequently in necessary, form the basis of efficient maintenance cleaning.

At Technopolis, we have thought through everything related to cleanliness and good order, from the moment that employees arrive at the campus. Here are some tips for you – you’ll find them useful as a Technopolis customers as well as in other environments.

1. Fresh as a daisy first thing in the morning

Do your employees get to work by car, bike, public transport, or do they walk? Tidy parking facilities, a washing spot for bicycles together with racks and proper changing rooms ensure a great start to the day. Many Technopolis campuses have shower facilities and changing rooms, and lockers can also be booked for long-term personal use to keep a change of clothes and shower products safe.

2. Keep mud out with mats

The entrances to our properties have two sets of doors, and there are replaceable mats at the main entrances. Studies have shown that about 80% of the dirt found indoors comes from outside. Mats collect dirt and moisture from shoes when people enter a building. It is also advisable to place mats at office entrances. We also supply mats for our customers’ spaces.

3. Keep everything behind a door

A cabinet with doors is easier to keep free of dust than an open shelving unit. It is a good idea to offer cabinets with doors for employees to store their outdoor clothes and shoes, as well as miscellaneous supplies or papers for archiving. Technopolis offers a wide range of furniture that facilitates the daily running of the office.

4. Make sure to recycle in an eco-friendly manner, keeping data protection in mind

Waste recycling is important for the environment. Technopolis has always organized the recycling of bio-waste, cardboard, and paper on its premises. When cleaning, it is a good idea to keep in mind that if bin bags only contain dry rubbish, they do not need to be changed every time, which saves on the raw material costs of plastic bags. It is quick and easy to empty rubbish bins and clean the surrounding area when they are used by several people in large spaces. We can also provide our customers with safe and secure bins for recycling paper that needs to be shredded. A separate container may also be used for collecting deposit bottles, for example.

5. Clear your desk for dusting

One of the basic rules of office cleaning is that a cleaner does not touch any personal items left on a desk. To make it easier for the cleaner to wipe your desk, it should be kept tidy and all belongings should be stored in cabinets. Before going home, everyone should leave their screen, keyboard, and wires in a neat group to free up desk space. You can ask Technopolis to provide a cleaning checklist for your office to make sure your colleagues remember this too.

6. Run cables in trunking

Cables snaking on the floor collect dust, and it is difficult to vacuum or wipe the floor in areas around them. It is a good idea to have cables collected in small bundles or run them in trunking. Technopolis regularly carries out small jobs like this for its customers.

7. Choose chemical-free cleaning products

ISS, Technopolis’ cleaning partner in Finland, uses ultrapure water for cleaning. This means that much of the maintenance cleaning is done without any chemicals. Salts and minerals are filtered out of ultrapure water. When applied to surfaces, ultrapure water looks for and absorbs dirt.

It is also a good idea to collect, store, and follow the care instructions for office surface materials, such as flooring, to reduce the use of chemicals. Technopolis collects and distributes this information to its cleaning partners on premises that it has developed.

8. Agree on who looks after the dishes and washes the coffee maker

Every workplace should have clear rules and responsibilities for the daily tidying of common areas, especially the kitchen. Technopolis customers can make their daily lives easier by ordering an additional kitchen cleaning service from us. The kitchen package includes jobs such as daily filling and emptying of the dishwasher and ensuring that the coffee machine, refrigerator, and microwave oven are clean.

9. Clear space for thorough cleaning

A thorough cleaning should be carried out once a year; it could include jobs such as cleaning the windows and dusting any structures above head height. It is important to be prepared for the annual cleaning by moving furniture away from the windows. Technopolis can move furniture as an additional service for a fee. Technopolis customers should check out our communications about the annual cleaning on their campus.

10. Reorganize your office completely if necessary

All kinds of unnecessary stuff accumulates in the corners of the office over the years. Technopolis’ Get Organized! service redesigns office furniture and provides a great opportunity to remove and recycle furniture and other unwanted items. As a result, your office is easier to keep tidy, and maintenance cleaning becomes more efficient.

These tips will enhance employee wellbeing and indoor air quality, and the interaction between everyone using the space will improve. Get in touch with your local Technopolis contact person to discuss these topics in detail or to request a quote for your business!

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