Big and small businesses are finding their way to Fornebu: “Tailored to growth”

Flexible rental contracts and vibrant office spaces have made Technopolis Fornebu an attractive place for big and smaller businesses alike. The Innovation Effect (TIE), a small business focusing on innovation, is one of many businesses that have moved into Technopolis Fornebu’s offices: "Having an office space is key for smaller businesses."

Last fall, The Innovation Effect moved into one of Technopolis Fornebu’s many small offices at the new Technopolis HUB Fornebu. After several years at an office in Lysaker, the rental contract was coming to an end – it was time for TIE to find a new office space. For this small business, connecting young minds to businesses by recruiting student consultants to different innovation projects, Technopolis Fornebu was an easy choice.

"As the founder of a small business, it is key to have dynamic surroundings. It provides opportunities for networking, which leads to inspiring conversations and new ideas. This is not only crucial for a small business, but it is truly inspiring and motivating to meet people across different businesses. Everything from quick chats by the coffee machine and proximity to bigger clients such as Equinor is valuable for me as the leader of a small business. Through learning and networking, we kill two birds with one stone here at Technopolis Fornebu," says Annette Fosaas, CEO and founder of The Innovation Effect.

Flexible rental contracts

One of Technopolis’ pillars is flexible rental contracts. Technopolis tenants can easily adjust office spaces and expand their office space if necessary – making big companies with small offices another possible combination. Fosaas underlines that flexibility and good service at Fornebu have created rewarding working conditions, tailored to the growth of The Innovation Effect.

"It’s great to have the opportunity to choose the office that suits our needs, and Technopolis Fornebu facilitates our business for potential growth," says Fosaas.

For Fosaas, who founded TIE in 2012, a working environment close to both existing and potential clients is important. Fosaas finds that Technopolis Fornebu has become a cluster; a place where good ideas come to life and can flourish further, where networks can be built and knowledge can be acquired. Additionally, Fosaas emphasizes the social and physical aspects of office spaces for a small business with big dreams.

"TIE is a small innovation bureau with two employees. Therefore, I consider it important to have a set space to go to in the morning, where I can socialize with others. I’m confident that the office contributes creates motivation," says Fosaas.

Events at the office

"I’m glad that our new Technopolis HUB Fornebu is creating a space for innovative and existing small businesses. We always strive to create the best possible conditions for growth and further development for our tenants. If The Innovation Effect is in need of a bigger space in the future we will gladly facilitate this," says Alf Astrup, Business Unit Director, Technopolis Oslo and Stockholm.

In addition to flexible working conditions, Fosaas has the opportunity to participate in the social events hosted by Technopolis Fornebu. Amongst these are the yearly autumn party as well as breakfast events throughout the year. Fosaas underlines the importance of seizing these opportunities.

"It is very important for me as a founder to partake in events to connect with big and small businesses for potential work opportunities. I am passionate about connecting skilled students with businesses involved with innovation projects. I believe that through this, we can create an innovation effect that moves businesses into the future," says Fosaas.

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