BioSort is revolutionizing the aquaculture industry at Technopolis offices

BioSort is revolutionizing the Norwegian aquaculture industry with innovative AI technology in the building that formerly served as an airport, now consisting of modern office spaces at Fornebu, Oslo.

– It might surprise you that fish are currently swimming around in the old airport here at Technopolis Fornebu. Yet, in one of our buildings you can find living fish swimming in a small pool and a lab that is contributing to revolutionizing fish health, says Alf Astrup, Business Unit Director for Oslo and Stockholm at Technopolis.

Astrup and Technopolis are passionate about providing their tenants with the necessary resources, so businesses can thrive in Technopolis offices – big and small. Flexibility and adaptability are at the core of this and have benefited companies such as BioSort which moved into Technopolis Fornebu in 2019.

BioSort is currently developing sensor-based equipment that monitors fish health to ensure an increasingly healthy aquaculture industry. By innovating technological instruments, BioSort can identify lice that can have wider-reaching consequences for the rest of the aquaculture and map out the biomass of the fish.

This technology is developed in urban offices at Fornebu and has been made possible partly through Technopolis’ adaptability. Biosort has expanded from a smaller tech business to one of the leading developers of automatic components monitoring fish health in the Norwegian aquaculture industry. This shows how Technopolis contributes to providing a solid foundation for their tenants, which in this case has been finding BioSort a space that adapts to creating a fully equipped lab.

– Our ambitions have been realized partly due to the lab and other equipment that is necessary to develop and test technology that is innovating the Norwegian aquaculture industry. Through the launch of iFarm, BioSort contributes to an individual approach to the aquaculture industry, replacing older, manual monitoring techniques. Through advanced and automized techniques, individual fish can be identified, sorted – and if needed, treated. We develop lights that can help us identify the fish from the pools, as well as robotic extraction techniques of the fish. As a result, fish can be removed from the pools without harming it, says Geir Stang Hauge, CEO of BioSort.

From urban concrete to the ocean in Vesterålen and Steigen

The road towards individualized aquaculture with AI-based technology has been long, and at times challenging. Trial and error have been part of the process, but Technopolis’ facilitation in the process has contributed to making the process a little easier.

– Plans and projects that started out in 2015 have been realized here at Fornebu, finding their way to Vesterålen and Steigen, where the technology can be further tested and improved, says Stang Hauge.

Astrup and Technopolis find it exciting to follow businesses such as BioSort towards success, and are happy to contribute with what they can:

– Flexibility in our office spaces cultivates fruitful workplace conditions for our clients. This leads to exciting innovation in a variety of industries. It is particularly exciting to see the end result of what can be achieved, and BioSort is one of many excellent examples of what can be done when we match our tenants’ ambitions, says Astrup.

Photo: BioSort AS