Businesses in Tampere Region interested in Hervanta – three new customers moving to Technopolis Hermia

Hervanta is attracting businesses operating in the Tampere region. Reasons behind this interest include the area’s excellent transport links as well as proximity to other businesses and the best talent in the industrial sector.

This interest is also visible at Technopolis. Three new companies are moving to the company’s Hermia campus this spring: Kempower, Parker Hannifin, and Yrittäjäin Sähkönhankinta, which is part of the VENI Energy Group.

For Kempower, which designs and manufactures DC fast charging solutions for electric vehicles, choosing Hervanta was an obvious decision. Alongside the company’s strong business growth in recent years, Kempower’s employee community has expanded, and the need for new premises in Tampere that are fit for modern product development had become a topical issue.

“To stay on top of technological development, it is important for us to be where the best talent is – including today’s professionals and those of the future. The Technopolis Hermia campus is located conveniently in the Hervanta area, which is the industrial ecosystem hub of Tampere,” says Mikko Veikkolainen, CTO of Kempower.

Henri Rantalainen, Business Unit Director at Technopolis Tampere, says that the proximity of higher education institutions is an important factor for many businesses in the Hervanta area. In addition to Hermia, Technopolis has two campuses in the Tampere city center.

”Our Hermia campus is particularly appealing to technology companies like Kempower, which benefit significantly from the proximity of higher education institutions. In addition, often companies whose employees frequently visit their customers or who run service centers feel that Hervanta suits their needs better than locations in the city center,” Rantalainen explains.

Kempower will have office and laboratory facilities on the Hermia campus. This allows the company to have broader opportunities for testing and developing the fast charging solutions of today and of the future in Tampere, in addition to the company’s headquarters located in Lahti.

”The new facilities allow us to develop our chargers as well as our interface and cloud service, called Kempower ChargEye, which supports the chargers, in Tampere. Our collaboration with Technopolis has been very good. We are anticipating the completion of the workspace modifications so that we get to put our new premises and the opportunities they offer to good use,” Veikkolainen adds.

Hervanta’s strength is excellent accessibility by different modes of transport

In addition to Kempower, Parker Hannifin and Yrittäjäin Sähkönhankinta are also moving to Technopolis Hermia this spring.

For Parker Hannifin, a company specializing in motion and control technologies, the new location represents a local office for its regional Sales Company Nordic.

“The Tampere region is a very important location for Parker Hannifin, as many of our customers are located here. In addition, we have our own manufacturing in the region and close connections to the local university. The number of employees in our Tampere office has gradually grown over the past years and therefore we have now made the decision to move into a new location, Technopolis Hermia, which is ideally located to support our activities in this region and also more widely in Finland and in the Nordics," says Ari Vuorinen, GSL Motion Systems & Sales Leader Mobile and Truck at Parker Hannifin.

Yrittäjäin Sähkönhankinta, an expert company specializing in electricity sourcing, needed more space due to its growth. The new space needed to be versatile and enable future growth. The right space was found on the Hermia campus, where Yrittäjäin Sähkönhankinta will move to from the Tampere city center.

”Regarding the location, essential elements for us are the availability of parking spaces, good accessibility by public transport, and the services in the area. In the city center, the availability of parking spaces is a big challenge. Some of our employees commute to the office from the neighboring municipalities, which in practice often makes the use of a private car a requirement,” says Pekka Eerikäinen, Director, Metering Management at Yrittäjäin Sähkönhankinta.

In their new office space, Yrittäjäin Sähkönhankinta is focusing particularly on the well-being of employees and the versatile use of space.

”We found a ready-made space at Hermia with a layout that suits our needs. Our collaboration and communication with Technopolis have been very smooth and flexible,” says Eerikäinen.

Birgit Mustalahti, Key Account Manager at Technopolis, tells that companies’ interest in the Hermia campus stems from its great accessibility by transport and the customizability of the workspaces for different purposes.

”It is easy to get to our Hermia campus by car from Tampere and the nearby region, but there are also excellent public transport networks. We are really excited about our new customers and warmly welcome them to the Hermia campus,” Mustalahti says with a smile.

Facts: Hervanta for businesses

  • The Hervanta district, located less than 9 kilometers from the Tampere city center, is home to numerous businesses across industries.
  • The district hosts the Tampere University Hervanta Campus, a hub for science and technology collaboration. The proximity of the university provides companies with interesting opportunities for recruiting future talents. In addition, the proximity of the VTT Technical Research Centre creates a great foundation for the research community.
  • Hervanta offers excellent accessibility from all directions, thanks to the Tampere ring road and the Helsinki motorway. Hervanta is free from the traffic jams of the city center, and plenty of reasonably priced parking space is available in the area.
  • Hervanta is also easily accessible by public transport: in addition to buses, you can get to Hervanta by tram.
  • Hervanta offers high-quality office spaces at lower prices when compared to the city center.
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