Campus services meet the needs of the hybrid era

Concept Manager Salla Brunou writes about the importance of campus services to the customers in the hybrid era.

Customers are very satisfied with our campus services, and the Customer Service Agents working in Technopolis receptions have always been at the heart of this high level of customer satisfaction. Now, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought hybrid working even more firmly into the workplace culture. This raises new needs for our services, which is why we need to think about the direction in which our campus and reception services should evolve to continue to meet the needs of businesses and individuals at the same excellent level as before.

Research-based knowledge to support development

We need data to drive our development, so in 2021 we started a research project related to campus services in which our partner interviewed our customers as well as Technopolis employees and analyzed our sales figures. We asked for interviews with customers who already have a hybrid working model in place or who are thinking about ways of implementing hybrid working.

The results of the survey show us concrete things on which we need to increase our development efforts with regard to our campus services in the future. A key objective is to meet the individual needs of employees. People are particularly interested in services that improve their wellbeing.

How can we further improve customer care, communicate more clearly and in a more timely manner, and reach all customers on campus to make people's daily lives easier? In what ways could we add even more value in order to attract remote workers to return to the physical workplace and be part of the Technopolis campus community?

Focus on your job in the best possible conditions

Technopolis campus services include a wide range of services from security to access control. Our Customer Service Agents are responsible for many day-to-day routines that enable smooth and safe working for our customers. Taking care of mail and parcel delivery, managing access control with up-to-date security expertise, and welcoming guests arriving on campus all create a safe, unhurried and uninterrupted work environment.

Community as a counterbalance to the loneliness of teleworking

A good community spirit improves the working culture of any organization. Sharing tacit knowledge, building skills, networking and learning new things are the social glue that also contributes to productivity growth. As part of our campus services, we organize meetings, events and webinars for our customers. In the Technopolis community, we want people to get new ideas and insights and meet other interesting people to learn from. It’s important to make time for unhurried encounters – just sitting alone in front of a laptop is not the best option in the long term.

Personalized services to support smoother everyday life

Many Technopolis customers put a lot of effort into recruiting and retaining good employees. We want to support this by providing services on our campuses that also cater to the needs of individuals. Our Customer Service Agents can help with laundry services, gym access, locker rental or finding car and bike maintenance providers. We have brought together a large network of service providers under one roof; we hope that Technopolis customers will find flexibility and ease in their everyday lives, when their needs can be addressed conveniently on campus as part of their working day.

Good employee experience is reflected in the customer experience

Hybrid working affects in many ways the everyday life of companies in rental premises. It is in Technopolis' overall interest that customers feel comfortable on the campuses and feel that they get added value from working there physically compared to working remotely. Wellbeing at work cannot be imposed on employees. Instead, it is made possible when employees coming to the campus feel that the Technopolis campus offers a good work environment. In delivering this added value, Customer Service Agents will continue to be at the forefront with their excellent service mentality.

Salla Brunou

Salla Brunou is an expert in B2B sales and service business. She works as a Concept Manager for campus services and cleaning services at Technopolis.