Cinia chose Technopolis in Oulu – functional cooperation between broker and office space provider requires flexibility

Cinia Oy will move its Oulu office to Technopolis Kontinkangas in the spring. Cinia, which provides secure high-availability data network, cyber security and software solutions, was looking for premises in Oulu that are easily accessible by different means of transportation.

"We found the space we were looking for at Technopolis as well as the storage facilities we needed. In addition, we got our needed parking spaces which was important for us. Technopolis' services make many everyday activities easier for us," says Jari Kleemola, Sourcing Manager at Cinia.

Cinia's new office space will be done in accordance with the company's new look. The premises will have a quiet working area, open space and small meeting rooms. It was important to Cinia that there are good transportation connections because the employees come to the office from different parts of Oulu.

"The cooperation with Technopolis has gone smoothly. It has been made easier by the fact that we have had one contact person for Technopolis who has taken care of all matters related to our premises," says Kleemola.

"We are really happy that Cinia chose our Kontinkangas campus. The location of the campus is ideal, as it is located along the highway and has excellent public transport connections," says Key Account Manager Maija Väyrynen from Technopolis.

Technopolis makes the brokers’ work easier by offering office space and services with one contract

Cinia used Catella’s property consultant services in the search for their new Oulu office.

"The search for a new office has been done alongside our own work, and we wanted to save time by relying on the help of brokers. The process with Catella and Technopolis has been smooth, and thanks to this the burden of the search for premises and the relocation project has remained minimal for us," says Kleemola.

Catella's Sales Manager Pekka Laurila-Harju and Technopolis' Maija Väyrynen collaborated to find office space that answers Cinia’s wishes and needs.

"Cinia contacted us about their needs for office space in Oulu and after this, we found out from Maija how Technopolis could answer Cinia’s needs. The process started last year, and a fitting space was found by spring 2023. Finding a suitable office space is often a very long process, and that’s why persistence is required from both the broker and the landlord," says Laurila-Harju.

Laurila-Harju emphasizes that effective cooperation between the broker and the office space provider is important so that it is possible for the customer to find a space that meets their wishes. In functional cooperation, it is key that the process of getting rental offers and arranging tours of the vacant spaces goes smoothly.

"Since there are many parties in the process, the tenant, the landlord and the broker, finding suitable times for tours of the spaces and scheduling of the negotiations can be challenging and requires flexible schedules. Technopolis always provides customers with a rental offer in good time, even on a very tight schedule, and the tours of the premises are also arranged flexibly, which the customers appreciate," says Laurila-Harju.

Laurila-Harju says that the possibilities of modifying the office space and its layout as well as the desire and resources of the office space provider to take into account the customer's needs are important factors for the broker in working cooperation.

The rising trend that brokers are used by companies more often than ever in the acquisition of new premises has been noticed also at Technopolis.

"The role of the office is finally seen as more than a space and this development is mainly thanks to the coronavirus. Office space is now recognized more and more as an important asset to the company and with this, the use of external help in the search for new office space is also increasing. Brokers, therefore, play an important role in supporting even smaller companies in finding the right solution for them," says Niko Pulli, CEO at Technopolis.

Technopolis has campuses in six countries and cooperates closely with brokers in every region.

"The growing role of brokers was already visible for example in Sweden long before the coronavirus, and now the same development can also be seen in Finland. We want to be able to make the brokers’ work easier by being flexible and offering office space and all the important services to the tenants with one contract," concludes Pulli.

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