DIN Hiili restaurant at Technopolis Ruoholahti makes it easy to make sustainable choices

Compass Group has been providing restaurant services at Technopolis Ruoholahti since 1.8.2022. Restaurant Hiili and its new DIN concept help customers make sustainable choices. In addition to a wide selection of delicious dishes, at DIN Hiili sustainability means for example minimizing food waste and using a specific type of tableware.

The elegant and relaxed atmosphere of Restaurant DIN Hiili at Technopolis Ruoholahti invites you to enjoy delicious and healthy food. A smooth customer experience is ensured by a well-designed service path, including quick payment methods.

“Both of us believe in responsibility, and Technopolis’ DIN concept is a perfect match with our restaurant services. It is versatile yet easy to approach and straightforward,” says Account Manager Elina Lahti from Compass Group.

“We are excited about the new restaurant concept, which serves both our customers and other lunch-goers in Ruoholahti in a cozy atmosphere. DIN is easy to approach and considers daily impacts on the environment. We promise to offer delicious and healthy food, favoring Finnish ingredients,” says Terhi Aho, Group Head of Services and Concepts at Technopolis.

At DIN Hiili, tasty food and sustainability go hand in hand

DIN Hiili makes it easy for the customer to make sustainable choices: there are fresh salads from the Crispy & Green salad buffet, tasty dishes from the grill, artisan pizza, delightful vegetarian food, more traditional home cooking, and colorful desserts.

The new Zero Waste Station naturally complements Compass Group’s persistent efforts to minimize food waste in the various phases of food production and serving. Compass Group follows harvest seasons by serving vegetables in season, the ingredients are used completely, and customers can buy surplus food to take away.

“Everyday sustainability is evident in all restaurant operations. Naturally, we offer vegetarian food every day, and the Zero Waste Station concept we have developed helps customers make sustainable choices at lunch,” says Aho.

Both Elina Lahti and Restaurant Manager Tuomas Järveläinen from Compass Group praise the smooth cooperation with Technopolis. Compass Group and Technopolis already have co-operations in restaurant services at Technopolis Innopoli in Espoo, Aviapolis in Vantaa, Smarthouse and MIN by Technopolis in Oulu as well as at Technopolis Gasperich in Luxemburg.

“It is important for us to comply with customers’ needs and to take the preferences of Technopolis and its customer companies into account,” says Järveläinen and continues:

“The DIN concept and its zero-waste goal inspires our restaurant staff. Visitors have given us positive feedback on the use of domestic ingredients, for example.”

“The values of Technopolis and Compass Group are a perfect match: customer orientation, ambition, transparency and constant development create an excellent foundation for our collaboration. We warmly welcome everyone to the renewed DIN Hiili,” says Aho.

In addition to the green color of the DIN Hiili logo, sustainability is evident in the tableware. Some of the tableware used in the restaurant has been restored at Astiakorjaamo, using their re-plate method to make worn plates better than new. The plates will thus bring joy to many lunch-goers with their personal decorations instead of being thrown away.

DIN Market 24/7 self-service shop complements the restaurant and café services

Technopolis Ruoholahti also has another restaurant: MIN Ruoholahti. It serves tasty lunches, and you can enjoy delicacies in the cafeteria or take them with you. However, healthy and sustainable eating is not restricted by the opening hours of the café and the restaurants, because true to its name, DIN Market 24/7 serves customers around the clock. There you can buy sandwiches, salads, dishes, fruit, smoothies, etc. to take away when needed.

Ravintola DIN Hiili & DIN Market 24/7
Energiakuja 3
00180 Helsinki

Ravintola MIN
Energiakatu 4
00180 Helsinki