5+1 tips to help you find your dream office

Working is becoming more flexible, with more people working outside their traditional office. However, we believe that a comfortable and well-designed office still has its place. As the battle for the best employees gets tougher, it might be a good idea to put real effort into finding the best possible office for your company. We put together a few tips to help you find your dream office!

1. Location, location, location

Naturally the location is one of the first things to consider when looking for a new office. You have to think how close to your clients you want to be located and how important it is for you and your employees to have an easy commute. You should find out about parking spaces and other transport connections. What tends to be ignored is the importance of neighboring companies and organizations. Being close to your partners and even competitors can be a real asset to your company!

2. Base the size of your office on your real needs

Often the size required for the new office is estimated wrongly. Companies actually tend to need less space than they think. It's recommended to really look at the ways your employees work and what they need in order to succeed in their roles. Don't forget to consider whether your company might need more space in the near future. You can save money in office costs and enhance your employee's overall well-being by simply listening to them, promoting flexibility and planning things carefully. There are a lot of work environment specialists who can offer invaluable help in assessing your needs.

3. Services at hand

A great office is more than just the walls and the ceiling. Easy access to services adds to the comfort, which is why it's good to find out about available services near the office before making any decisions. The services to consider include reception, catering, cleaning and maintenance services, network connections, parking, security and moving services. You really don't want to waste your valuable resources on struggling with things that should be available easily. You can save time and money by choosing an office with the entire service structure in place.

4. A great environment is designed for people

A great environment is designed so that people enjoy working there. It promotes interaction and caters for employees' different needs. A well-designed, functional work environment promotes the company's values and its brand by making a good impression on visiting clients and partners. At the same time your employees can be proud of the company. It goes without saying that a good work environment enhances your employees commitment and happiness.

5. Compare prices

The price matters, and it's worth comparing the prices of various options. Don't focus just on the price per square meter, but take into consideration the advantages that e.g. available services give you as well as the length and flexibility of your lease.

6. Think outside the box: could coworking space be an option?

If your employees seldom spend time at the office, coworking spaces could be the right solution for you. They can either entirely replace a traditional office or offer a flexible choice for your mobile staff. By taking advantage of shared spaces in a manner that suits your company, you can make considerable savings. Read more about our coworking concept UMA Workpace.

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