Flexible Technopolis HUB small office areas create work communities for the new era of work

Modern work requires unparalleled flexibility from employers. Even though employers’ need for office space may change, companies might not want to commit to long-term contracts. For a long time, Technopolis has offered small office areas on its campuses to companies of all sizes with flexible terms and a full service offering. During the past year, the lessons learned from customers were gathered, and the small office areas across campuses were joined under the name Technopolis HUB.

Technopolis HUB provides small teams and companies with a turnkey solution for small, dedicated workspaces and all the needed Technopolis services with one flexible contract. Technopolis HUBs are located at Technopolis campuses in Finland, Norway, Estonia, and Lithuania.

Technopolis HUB meets the diverse office space needs of companies. Additional office space is sometimes needed for project workers, for instance. On the other hand, startups and SMEs often need flexible and easily adaptable workspaces and the possibility to expand space effortlessly as their businesses grow.

“Technopolis HUB brings the facilities of large offices also within the reach of smaller companies. This enables efficient and agile work for companies that have a temporary need for additional space or even a branch in another city or that appreciate effortless and cost-effective office space solutions,” says Technopolis CEO Niko Pulli. “There has been a great demand for HUB spaces, which indicates that smaller companies in particular are interested in a one-stop solution for adaptable workspace and meeting space services. Technopolis HUB is all about making workspace services effortless and allowing our customers to focus on their business.”

In addition to private small office areas, HUB customers have access to various size campus meeting rooms, lobby services and other campus services. The service offering varies by HUB, and on some campuses the HUBs also include, for example, phone booths and lounges. Depending on the HUB, both furnished and unfurnished office space is available. In addition, Technopolis HUB’s vibrant business communities and regular networking events offer opportunities for new ways of collaboration.

“We want to create communities that also provide the privacy that companies need. Traditional coworking spaces or shared workspaces do not meet the needs of modern work, and they can have problems, for instance, in the handling of confidential information. With nearly 40 years of experience in providing adaptable workspaces, Technopolis wants to offer high-quality offices also to those customers who need small, flexible workspace solutions,” Pulli says.