From Gårda to Ullevi – Technopolis changes the name of its campus in Gothenburg

Technopolis changes the name of its campus in Gothenburg. What used to be called Gårda will now be Technopolis Ullevi. The reason for the name change is the ambition to position themselves more clearly in the Ullevi area.

"Although we are not an arena for sports and entertainment, we identify with the concept and see ourselves as an arena for business and success, where we offer our customers access to flexible workspaces with a wide range of services. Being associated with such a legendary place as Ullevi feels luxurious and we look forward to continuing our business in a slightly new guise,” says Johan Herner, Business Unit Director at Technopolis Ullevi, formerly Gårda.

Technopolis acquired the campus in Gårda just over seven years ago and has since continued to develop the property and expand its range of services. Last fall, Technopolis also launched its HUB in Gothenburg – an adaptable office area for small teams with private offices and shared service. Since it opened just a few months ago the HUB has been sought after and is today almost fully occupied. The same applies to almost the entire Technopolis campus in Gothenburg. Something that confirms Technopolis' image as the leading expert in shared office space.

“Our almost fully occupied campus as well as the HUB both show that we really succeed in meeting the demand for adaptable offices and full-service offers. We are very proud that customers choose us, and we will continue to develop our service offerings and welcome even more customers”, says Johan Herner.

Last year, Technopolis, which operates in six countries, reached its global target of 85 percent LEED and BREEAM-certified buildings. In Gothenburg, Technopolis recently received LEED Gold Certification, which means reduced use of resources such as land, water, energy and building materials. Technopolis' goal is to create sustainable campuses with office space that makes it easy for customers to work from a sustainability perspective. The LEED certification is clear proof that Technopolis succeeds in this.

"There is a clear customer service mindset with us, and we always work to give the customer the opportunity to thrive and get access to what they need, while at the same time doing so with the goal of always being sustainability-driven. We look forward to continuing to work on this going forward and developing our business even more to give our customers the best”.

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