Gert Jostov to continue as CEO of Technopolis Ülemiste AS

The Supervisory Board of Technopolis Ülemiste AS that is developing the Ülemiste City campus has decided to extend the term of office of the current Chairman of the Management Board Gert Jostov and member of the Management Board Martin Seppälä for another three years.

“We are extremely proud of Gert, Martin and the whole Technopolis Ülemiste team. The campus has evolved rapidly and beautifully since the JV was started in 2010 and today is definitely one of the most profitable and dynamic among our 20 campuses. Gert has grown tremendously as a leader and the whole team has become a first-class fighting machine that has internalized our values and learned to fully leverage the power of the Technopolis concept,” said Keith Silverang, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Technopolis Ülemiste AS.

Ülo Pärnits, member of the Supervisory Board of Technopolis Ülemiste AS, said that Gert Jostov has proven himself as a valuable business manager and his qualities have been recognised also outside the company: this year, for instance, Gert won the award for the best young business manager of Estonia.

"In developing the campus, the Technopolis Ülemiste team has been very ambitious and skilled in implementing our long-term objectives,“ added Ülo Pärnits. "While initially we only had a concept, and perhaps not everybody believed that it can be implemented, by now we have developed 100,000 m² of office space and invested more than EUR 100 million in the development. What’s most important is that the business district is now home to 300 established enterprises, the majority of which are operating in the innovative IT industry. We can therefore say with pride that Ülemiste City is home to Estonia’s smartest employees and they all contribute prominently to the development of our economy.“

Gert Jostov has been managing the development of Ülemiste City for a total of seven years, including five in the Management Board of Technopolis Ülemiste AS.

Technopolis Ülemiste AS has won several awards in the field of construction and real estate development: in 2014, the company won the prestigious Real Estate Project of the Year Award for the innovative office building of Lõõtsa 5. The company has constantly enjoyed high ranking in the Estonian Business Competitiveness survey and came first among real estate companies in 2015.