Goodbye to dull workdays – 8 tips for transforming a quiet office into a summer oasis

Make the most of the office this summer! With 40 years of experience, workspace expert Technopolis lists the eight best tips for bringing summer to the office and making work even more fun.

  1. Make your commute an adventure. Take a new summery route to the office. If you usually commute by driving, try cycling for a change – or walk past your nearest bus stop, take the scenic route and pick flowers to brighten up your workstation. Everything’s possible in the summer!
  2. Fill up (and empty) the ice cream reserve. Summer treats aren’t for leisure time only – eating ice cream also makes work more fun. On the hottest days, try replacing a hot cup of coffee with a fabulous iced coffee.
  3. Enjoy the oasis in the middle of the heat. Forget the hot weather for a moment and enjoy the cool luxury of the office: air conditioning. No more sweating by the kitchen table at home!
  4. Turn up the volume. As the office quiets down during the summer holidays, you can turn up the volume or get into the summer cottage mood by playing a summery nature soundscape. Does your office already have a summer playlist with all the favorites from Summer Days to Here Comes the Sun?
  5. Mission Zero Inbox. Challenge yourself – and your colleagues to empty your inboxes. Who can organize their email folders first and boast about their orderliness?
  6. Work hard, play hard. Take a refreshing break from office work by playing summer games. Bring for example the famous Finnish summer game Mölkky or dart board to the office and venture outside together to compete for the championship. Maybe you can even organize an office-wide tournament?
  7. Be zen. Work can be hectic at times, but in the summer it’s often possible to take a breather. Now’s the time to make the most of a more relaxed pace – for example, by having longer-than-usual (iced) coffee breaks!
  8. Convert your office into a summer paradise. If you want to create a true summer vibe at the office, wear beach clothing and brighten up your colleagues’ day with inflatable pool toys. If your office is close to water, it’s also worth making use of the possibility of taking a refreshing swim in the middle of a summer day. No better way to take a break!