How to make the most of the office during the quieter holiday season

It’s a known fact that many office workers try to take some time off work in the days between Christmas and Epiphany. This often means that offices are less busy than usual during this time.

For those working at the office during the holiday season, Technopolis has compiled eight top tips to make the most of the quiet work environment.

  1. Choose a workstation that you do not normally use. Have you always dreamed of having the view that your colleague has or sitting at your boss’s desk? Now is your chance! Don’t forget to make use of the comfy chairs and sofas, which are usually not in so much use. However, remember to respect your colleagues’ space and privacy.
  2. Rock out! Or pick a podcast or an audiobook and turn on the speakers – choose whatever you like to listen to while working. When the office is quiet, you can finally listen to your favorite music out loud at your workstation.
  3. Answer phone and Teams calls at your desk. For once, you will not disturb the person sitting next to you.
  4. Try doing some office exercises. Now you have the chance to use the space and take your time to do some office exercises, which you might not have had the courage to do around your colleagues earlier. Perhaps this will become a new, fun habit for the new year?
  5. Tidy up your workstation. What could be a better time than this to get rid of the piles of paper and organize the loose pens on your desk? Start the new year with a tidy workstation! The office cleaner will also be happy that the piles of paper are (finally) gone.
  6. Explore the office space. Have you ever toured the entire office, seen all the cubicles and meeting rooms and peeked into the various (public) cabinets? Now you can explore the office at leisure without drawing any attention.
  7. Bring your kids to work! Is the holiday break creating logistic challenges? Now is a great time to bring your kids to work to see what you actually do for a living. A whiteboard and spinning office chairs are a great distraction that allow you to work in peace. And don’t forget your four-legged friends at home either!
  8. Have lunch at a different restaurant for a change. Do you always have lunch at the same places? If so, now is a great time to explore different menus and go on a culinary journey.

    Extra: Write a cheerful aphorism on the office bulletin board to welcome your colleagues back to the office. Here is an example: “Seeing your colleagues at the office is like drinking the first cup of coffee on a Monday morning: It brightens your day and makes you feel warm.”

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