In the heart of customer feelback

Technopolis has a corporate culture measuring customer satisfaction and exploring how to improve it at each level of customer interaction.

Customer satisfaction as number one priority

We want to offer our clients a functional work environment and a first-class customer experience. Our customers can rely on us to tackle any challenges that might arise. We gathered and measured thousands of customer feedback again last year from the decision makers and practical contacts as well as meeting and event participants of our customers. But don’t take our word for it, read what our customers have to say.

Overall feelback from customers

“Most things are very very good, and the location is perfect. Everything runs smoothly with you, so therefore I would absolutely recommend you. High standard of service, always ready to help with whatever issue. Fresh and modern office areas.” – Gårda, Göteborg

“All needed services are available with an extremely helpful staff. I like the atmosphere with other services in the premises as well: lunch restaurants, hairdresser, massage, car wash etc. Technopolis has been supporting current and previous business needs flexibly and promptly. The overall price / value ratio is very good.”

– Otaniemi, Helsinki Metropolitan Area

“High-quality, functional, business-oriented squares. Yes, we want to emphasize that quality. In general, location is always important, hence we are in a good location with quality squares. These accentuate corporate image as well as improve personal satisfaction, the comfort of working there. These are the starting points and I think Technopolis succeeds extremely well in these.” – Asemakeskus, Tampere

“Customer-oriented spaces. Flexible contracts.” – Peltola, Oulu

“Best value for money in Finland.”
– Otaniemi, Helsinki Metropolitan Area

A workspace more than squares

“Everything is as well as can be. Services and assistance are available when needed and the facilities are good. Especially in the vicinity of the airport, it serves the need for our internal meetings so that the people can pass smoothly without any hazzle. Transportation, facilities and parking are good. Everything works."
– Aviapolis, Helsinki Metropolitan Area

“The best is the concept, which means that the company does not have to take care of ancillary activities related to the premises (cleaning, security, etc.). So, the services run well, and problems are handled, so you don't have to spend your time on these things.”
– Ruoholahti, Helsinki Metropolitan Area

“The contract is relatively flexible. If necessary, the premises can be changed either within the site or between other sites during the contract period. That flexibility is good, which is why it can be recommended. The premises function well and there is a good feeling.” – Aviapolis, Helsinki Metropolitan Area

Reception to the rescue

“After all, this is easy and people are nice, I want to thank especially the lobby service, their work is customer-oriented and really fast. Thank you."
– Linnanmaa, Oulu

"Absolutely top reception team always ready to help!!" – Aviapolis, Vantaa

"Technopolis has an amazing staff, super helpful, super kind and polite. It is a huge pleasure to work and communicate with such people. I think it is one of strongest advantage of Technopolis campus.” – Ozas, Vilnius

“The reception services work briskly and well. Property maintenance is running. You don't have to worry about security, you can trust Technopolis."

– Linnanmaa, Oulu

“I think the totality works well, and the services. The benefits that Technopolis brings to one-stop-shops are great. The reception service is a very important part of what our company gives forward, it is also a very positive thing.”
– Otaniemi, Helsinki Metropolitan Area


“Everything, renting and handling things have gone really fast and in an exemplary manner. The location is just great. And just the kind of space our company has needed has been found there quickly and easily.” – Otaniemi, Helsinki Metropolitan Area

“For us, the flexibility has been very good. When facilities have been needed, they have been obtained, and when there’s been a need to down-size, they have been removed. And all the changes have been very successful.” – Linnanmaa, Oulu

“Overall, the service has been good and the shortcomings identified have been taken seriously and improved. Such activity and consideration of the customer's needs creates credibility.” – Asemakeskus, Tampere

“With everything we are very happy with Technopolis – in an established situation as well as when there has been a need for change, even though a new space has been sought, solutions to our needs have been found very well.” – Linnanmaa, Oulu

“Chiefly, the service promise has been kept, e.g. what has been ordered has also been delivered. And the value for money has been reasonable.”

– Ruoholahti, Helsinki