IVO: “Technopolis’ premises contributed to a more spontaneous environment and a more visible leadership”

Just over two years ago, the Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) relocated to Technopolis Ullevi. For about a year, Technopolis collaborated with IVO to create business-adapted premises that met their needs. "It turned out overwhelmingly well," says Mats Feretti from IVO.

The Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) moved to Technopolis' premises in February 2021. Their former location consisted of a three-story area with 130 individual cell offices, each measuring around 15 square meters. Additionally, there was a spacious lunchroom, several large meeting rooms, which were rarely utilized more than once or twice a week, and several extra areas that were left unused. However, the relocation to Technopolis' premises in Gothenburg provided new, business-adapted spaces spanning 1,859 square meters, consisting of larger, more open, and well-lit offices. This new workspace gave IVO the opportunity to design areas tailored to their specific needs.

Mats Feretti is the local manager at IVO, and in collaboration with the local group at IVO Department Southwest, they worked together on the design for the local office.

“The Department Southwest was the project owner, and my role was to support and guide them throughout the process. There was a lot of collaboration, and they were transparent in both their hopes and fears. After almost a year of cooperation, we finally completed the design, and we are very pleased with the result,” says Mats Feretti.

“There was significant participation, and many perspectives were taken into account. We wanted to have a single-floor space where everyone could be accommodated, and we found that at Technopolis. The floor plan was a major project, and the architects assisted in guiding us in the 'right' direction while keeping within financial constraints. Throughout the project, I emphasized the importance of prudent and careful use of state funds. As a result, we also made significant use of interior reuse."

When the premises were ready, and it was time to move in, the biggest concern was that the work environment would deteriorate, particularly since IVO's operations encompass a variety of needs. However, the outcome was overwhelmingly positive, according to Feretti.

"I believe the transition from our previous somewhat outdated and grey corridor rooms to the bright and pleasant open areas where you see your colleagues as soon as you arrive at work has been surprising for many. Employees now have more opportunities for spontaneous encounters and plenty of meeting spaces are available. Additionally, managers are more visible on the premises, which enables easy interaction and spontaneous collaboration within the office space."

The project with IVO has been significant for Technopolis, as it showcases its adaptability and ability to cater to demands and requirements. With 16 campuses located in six different countries in Europe, hosting 1,500 companies and a total of 45,000 employees, Technopolis is a leading expert in shared workspace solutions. In Sweden, they are present in both Stockholm and Gothenburg and provide efficient and flexible solutions, ranging from reception and cleaning to restaurant services.

“We are always proud when our customers trust us with this type of assignment. In this case, we have worked closely with IVO on the business adaptation because they had specific needs. This demonstrates our continued flexibility in both the work process and through our other services. We believe in making things as easy as possible for our customers, and by offering business adaptation, we provide them with even better opportunities to fully focus on their core business,” says Johanna Bergendahl at Technopolis Ullevi.