LumenRadio moves into Technopolis Gårda in Gothenburg

After undergoing transformative workspace adjustments, the Swedish tech company LumenRadio has finally completed its move to the Technopolis Gårda campus in Gothenburg. LumenRadio, will enjoy all the benefits that come with Technopolis’ full-service offering, including access to the reception, fitness centre, and cleaning services.

Back in 2008, LumenRadio ambitiously envisioned how wireless innovations would transform the world in the coming decade. Since then, the Swedish tech company has been at the forefront of the professional lighting industry’s metamorphosis. LumenRadio is often associated with various IoT solutions for light shows at concerts and other entertainment events, during which once important wires to connect spotlights to the larger systems have now been replaced by radio communication. Similarly, the company has close ties to the film industry, for whom LumenRadio has provided property management automation as well as industrial communication. The Swedish company was, among other things, instrumental in the production of the legendary lightsabers seen in the Star Wars franchise.

“The whole moving process has been very smooth and convenient. The team at Technopolis has acted professionally and responsively with regard to our situation and requests. Moreover, Technopolis has continuously gone the extra mile to come up with solutions to accommodate us to the best of their ability during this whole process. Their efforts have been much appreciated,” says Lisette Stål, HR Director at LumenRadio.

As LumenRadio has seen steady growth for some time, there has been a surging need for bigger and better office space. After some consideration, Technopolis was pinpointed as the most suitable choice. Besides access to greater workspace, the deal with LumenRadio also includes a range of important services, such as flexible workspace designs, gym facilities and office cleaning services.

“It is exciting for us to be able to host LumenRadio at Technopolis Gårda in Gothenburg. The company has opted for enjoying some of the services that we provide, such as a reception, fitness centre and cleaning services,” says Johan Herner, Business Unit Director at Technopolis Gårda.

For more information, contact:
Johan Herner, Business Unit Director, Technopolis Gårda
Tel: + 46 709 63 30 00

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