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Home offices are partly left behind as there is a bit by bit return to the office and a reunion with colleagues after the summer. A safe and comfortable return to the office is important after a tough last year, and with the continued aftermath of it all.

Authority-driven remote working is gradually evolving into hybrid work based on the decisions of companies. More and more companies are planning to combine the best aspects of remote work and office work. What does international research data say about remote working – and how have Technopolis' customers experienced working in the office?

In December 2020, a research group in LUT University (Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT) described that after a prolonged period of remote work, employees needed more interaction with each other, and during this research period the feeling of isolation grew. The work of the research group will continue by examining the quality of cooperation processes, trust and interaction.

The Becker Friedman Institute at the University of Chicago studied the work of Asian IT companies in 2020 Working hours increased but work efficiency did not, and the conclusion was that communication and teamwork required more resources than office work.

A large part of Technopolis' customers has also carried out hybrid work. Our recent customer feedback shows what things are valued when employees arrive at the office. Our comprehensive and adaptable services, solution-oriented approach, customer-oriented reception, well-kept facilities, and delicious food are praised. We have succeeded in supporting the success of our client companies.

Adequate physical presence in well-functioning facilities certainly meets the need for employees to experience good interaction, communication, and teamwork in their employer company. Returning to the office can even be improved and made more efficient with our comprehensive services:

Handyman & Space Repairs

The office should be comfortable, functional, and safe when you return. If your office has been vacant for a year, it might need some refreshing and updating, because a pleasing environment affects your mental health and comfort and might help reduce your stress levels.

A big trend is companies wanting to show and increase their value and identity of their workspace. The basic target in our Space Repairs is to help our customers be unique. This enhances employees’ commitment to their employers and thus makes the company brand stronger.

We offer a full service from analyzing your needs to renovating your office and finding the most suitable furniture and greenery for your space. And to make you feel even more at home, we also provide healthy snacks and lunch through our MIN Delivery restaurant.

Plants and plant care

Even small things can affect the comfort of the office; things like bringing in some plants. Research indicate that plants help reduce stress levels in the office and increase productivity by 15 %.

Biophilia is also a megatrend – nature and greenery increase mental and physical wellbeing. Let an expert plan a refreshing greenery solution to your workspace according to your company’s needs. We also offer caretaker service for the plants. And even some of the greenery solutions are sold as a leasing service today.

MIN delivery

Forgot to eat in the middle of your return? Want to perk up your day and catch up with colleagues over a delicious cake or lunch? MIN Delivery provides healthy and energetic snacks and lunch directly to your office. MIN Delivery is a full-service option for the office: not only do you save time not needing to grab lunch outside work, but you can also tempt your team together over a delish break. MIN Delivery is also a safe bet if you rather not go to the café or restaurant.

Make the most of your return – and yourself at home in the office with our guide to creating an efficient working environment.

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