Meeting rooms are now bustling – the demand at Technopolis’ campuses has risen back to the pre-pandemic level

The data about the use of office spaces reveals that after a long period of remote work, people yearn to meet others at the office during the workday. In the end, the changes in the ways of working did not come into being in the way that was predicted at the beginning of the pandemic. The value and importance of face-to-face encounters have become emphasized with hybrid work.

The use of meeting rooms has already increased to the pre-COVID-19 pandemic level at the campuses of the shared workspace expert Technopolis. By the end of this year, a total of 25,000 meetings will be held at Technopolis’ 16 campuses – including meetings of all sizes from two-person meetups to events with hundreds of participants. This figure already corresponds to the number of meetings in 2019 before the corona pandemic.

In addition to the increase in the utilization rate, there can also be seen some changes in the ways of using the meeting services. The expectations towards in-person meetings and meeting room services have grown significantly as a result of the long period of hybrid work following the pandemic.

“Companies are now renovating their office spaces to include spaces that are designed for hybrid meetings, but customer meetings and larger events are held in external or shared meeting rooms. According to our customers, meetings and meeting rooms need to be above all convenient and reliable – things should work as desired, and one should not have to think about the execution themselves,” says Terhi Aho, Head of Services and Concepts at Technopolis.

As the opportunity to participate remotely in meetings has become standard rather than an exception, events need to offer additional value that requires in-person participation. People no longer automatically attend meetings and events in person, and the competition for the participants’ time is now fiercer than ever.

These are the top 5 things that are expected from meeting rooms today:

  1. Reliability and convenience: Everything must work smoothly from reservations to audiovisual equipment. The easier it is to hold a meeting or an event, the more likely it is to be a success.
  2. Adaptability: The space must adapt to the needs of both seminars and small meetings.
  3. Professionality: Professional spaces create the right framework successful meetings.
  4. Location: Participants must be able to find their way to the location conveniently regardless of whether they use public transport, a bicycle or their own car.
  5. Tasty and healthy catering: Energizing fruits and green smoothies – based on customers’ wishes.

Kasvu Open sees the benefits of live meetings

Kasvu Open, a Finnish coaching program accelerating the growth of companies, returned to organizing live events this fall after two years of only virtual meetings. Kasvu Open provides free sparring for entrepreneurs through sparring programs and business events.

“It was great to have face-to-face interactions again this fall, as they support and promote inspiration as well as spontaneous encounters and discussions. Such encounters have an important role in our events,” states Jaana Seppälä, Managing Director of Kasvu Open.

In the sparring events held at Technopolis’ campuses in Tampere, Espoo and Helsinki, the spaces enabled the participants to meet each other and provided convenience for the organizers, both of which are key elements for Kasvu Open.

“Functional spaces enable productive sparring events. From the perspective of an event organizer, it is especially important that things flow as planned and that we do not need to stress about the arrangements,” Seppälä notes.

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Photo: Kasvu Open / Matias Ulfves

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