Popular gastronomy trend will come to new NOVA office building

Gastronomic spaces with several restaurants representing different cuisines recently became popular around the world. We already have such places in Lithuania, and at the beginning of next year “Nova” will be the first office building to have such gastronomic space called “MIN Food Market”. It will be open both for the employees, and for the residents and guests of Ozas park.

 “Global trends show that quality food and well-being in general are becoming more and more important to people and it consists of small everyday things, like delicious and healthy lunch,” says Lina Maskoliūnė, the Business Unit Director of Technopolis in Vilnius.

In an effort to contribute to this quality of well-being and to satisfy the different tastes of employees, the idea was born to open a gastronomic space of different restaurants in “Nova” office building. Each supplier was carefully selected and “MIN Food Market” will house 6 restaurants offering American, Mexican, Italian, Thai, Indonesian and Lithuanian cuisine. It is estimated that the gastronomic space will be able to serve up to 1,500 visitors a day, orders will be available both live and via the mobile app. “MIN Food Market” will be coordinated by Evelina Urbaitė and Aivaras Šičkus, who have been working in the hospitality business for over 20 years and currently manage the restaurant “Sakmės” in Vilnius.

“The Swedish word ‘min’ means ‘mine’, which means that every customer who comes here will find something for themselves, according to their tastes and wishes. In addition, we also bring a piece of Scandinavia to the interior: it was created by the Finnish team of architects “Amerikka” and repeats the united style of all the “MIN” restaurants in Technopolis all over the countries,” says Lina Maskoliūnė.

“MIN Food Market” should open its doors at the beginning of 2021, when the first tenants will settle in the new building. Along with it, a café will be opened in “Nova”, which will focus on healthy food and breakfast, quality coffee and snacks.

MIN Food market