Praise and criticism – honest feedback from our customers

If our customers are not satisfied or feel they have not received great service experience, we’d like to know about it as soon as possible so that we can fix it. We measure customer experience at each critical meeting point. Alerts have been activated in the surveys, and low grades are immediately flagged to us in an email. We react to criticism we receive in person, and we will take care of the matter as soon as we can.

Our goal is to ensure that our customers are more satisfied with our service after contacting us. We want them to rest assured that we take care of any challenges or problems from beginning to end so that all our customers need to do is inform us about any issues they have.

Thousands of responses

Last year, we measured and analyzed thousands of responses from our customer companies’ decision-makers, conference organizers and event guests. A warm thank you for every response.

Measuring customer experience is what we do all the time: different surveys are carried out according to specific schedules – some of them every day, some of them every three months. We interview 50% of our customers in each location every year. Last year, overall customer satisfaction remained at a very high level, and we were mainly praised for the fact that we are easy to deal with. Our customers were also particularly pleased that our offering, both in terms of business premises and services, met all their requirements. The best feedback concerned our customer services teams at receptions.

Things don’t always go to plan

It’s great to receive praise and endorsements but we’re also thankful for criticism and suggestions for improvements as these help us to offer an even better service to our customers. The results are reviewed and implemented at the group level, region by region by the entire team, and also in collaboration with our service partners. Customer satisfaction targets are included in the bonus and reward models for all our personnel and our service partners. The criticism we received last year concerned issues such as cleaning and parking. Understandably, we also receive negative feedback about untidy yards during construction projects. As a result of this feedback, we carried out further surveys, such as targeted questionnaires about cleaning and parking, to help us fix the issues as promptly as possible.

Customers appreciate flexibility and reliability

Who would be better able to describe their experiences than our customers themselves? If you’d like to know more about what our customers particularly liked, please visit our customer stories. For example, Mika Sievi-Korte, Business Finland’s senior specialist, describes how the new multipurpose office improved communications and customer experience (in Finnish). Gofore’s CEO Timur Kärki, in turn, explains the importance of the business premises when a company grows by 50% a year.  Christian Ullrich, Senior Facilities Manager at HERE Technologies, praises Technopolis for its reliability and flexibility in the change process. According to Ullrich, investing in the work environment is one of the most important factors in attracting the best talent to the company.

In 2018, we redrafted our survey that we carry out among customers who use our meeting facilities. We also created a new survey that focuses on decision-makers responsible for business premises and which is carried out at the beginning and end of a customer relationship. The goal for this year is to renew the survey that we send to our customers when they move into, change or leave the premises.

Feedback to feed you

We’ve already launched this year’s surveys; please remember to reply when a survey is sent to your email. All respondents enter a draw for free lunches for a month, which we organize every three months.

Karri Hautanen

Karri Hautanen is the Chief Marketing Officer responsible for the Brand, Marketing, Communications, Sales Operations & Customer Experience at Technopolis, and is a member of the Group Management Team. Superpower: Managing strategy processes.